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Best Places To Live In South Carolina 2024

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South Carolina: The Palmetto State

As one of the Thirteen Colonies responsible for the birth of the United States, South Carolina has a long history dating back to pre-Revolutionary War days. Since that time, its population has grown to over 5 million. Today, South Carolina is a state known for attracting new industries and businesses to its three distinct geographical areas.

South Carolina is a triangular shaped state. It is bordered by the states of North Carolina to the north and Georgia to the west. Its eastern border is the Atlantic Ocean. The capital city is Columbia. The state has 46 counties and 270 municipalities ranging from the very small to the largest which is the City of Columbia.

The regions of South Carolina are known as the Piedmont, the Midlands, and the Coastal regions. The Piedmont region stretches across the northwest part of the state and is home to cities such as Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, and Rock Hill. The area is known for its proximity to both Charlotte and Atlanta. Its higher elevations provide beautiful mountain views.

The Midlands area runs from the middle of South Carolina's Georgia border to the border of southeastern North Carolina. Although it is the smallest region, it is home to the capital city of Columbia. Columbia's central location makes it one of the best places in South Carolina. This area is also referred to as the Sandhills. This name refers to the sandy hills left behind when the sea waters receded towards what is now the coastline of South Carolina.

The region closet to the Atlantic Ocean is the Coastal region. This region is flat and is known for its agriculture. Further towards the coast, many communities are home to South Carolina's largest industry, tourism. The Grand Strand is the name given to beach communities such as Myrtle Beach and Pawley's Island. Further south lies the City of Charleston which has been included in US News & World Report Best Places lists in recent years.

One of the best things South Carolina offers is that you can be anywhere in the state in less than a day's drive. Live in the Piedmont and want to go to the beach? That's a trip that can be made in about six hours by car. If you live in Columbia, you can be just about anywhere in three hours due to Columbia's central location.

South Carolina's climate is a big draw for many. While it can get cold in the winter and ice and snow do occur, such times are infrequent and typically brief in duration. Summers range from warm to hot and the spring and fall seasons are usually very pleasant.

With a long history, the ability to attract businesses and industries, diverse regions, easy navigability, and a pleasant climate, South Carolina has some of the best places to live in the country. The cities mentioned can be a starting point for you. Let us know exactly what you're looking for and we'll help you determine what for you will be the best places to live in South Carolina.