Beaufort, SC

Population: 13,074 livability score shield

Key findings

  • Beaufort has a Livability Score of 63/100, which is considered below average
  • Beaufort crime rates are 23% higher than the South Carolina average
  • Cost of living in Beaufort is 4% higher than the South Carolina average
  • Beaufort real estate prices are 40% higher than the South Carolina average
  • Rental prices in Beaufort are 3% higher than the South Carolina average

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      Top Rated Schools in Beaufort

      Name Grades Students Proficiency
      Battery Creek High9 - 1278767%
      Coosa Elementary SchoolPK - 553166%
      Riverview Charter SchoolKG - 864666%
      Beaufort High9 - 121,35664%
      Bridges Preparatory SchoolKG - 1066454%
      Mossy Oaks Elementary SchoolPK - 541045%
      Beaufort Middle6 - 849243%
      Lady'S Island Elementary SchoolPK - 533642%
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      Beaufort Reviews

      Write a review about Beaufort Tell people what you like or don't like about Beaufort…
      beaufort sc is trash
      if you like overflowing garbage cans , and filthy stores , and filthy places to eat , this the place for you . the people are mostly angry , and weird . the people dress like they are homeless , and a lot of them smell really bad . the places to live are way over priced . and if you go out at night , the police follow you around , waiting for you to mess up . there is really nothing nice to say about this turd of a town . if you like dirty people , dirty stores , and bigoted people who can only to talk about themselves . this hell hole is for you .
      23 -3
      #1 city for elderly suicide
      This city is by far one of the largest disappointments I've ever lived in.
      I've had people tell me what an amazing place it is; downtown is so diverse and filled with great food and shops.
      Yeah that's a lie. Unless you're idea of cultural diversity is 9 deep fried chicken restaurants all claiming to be the best and burning alive in the FAN cooled shops.. There's like four blocks in different locations of overpriced items and bland fat fried food which is at best 2 star dining. The only thing that is worth visiting is the art galleries.
      If you're into being burgled or robbed at gunpoint, getting obese with no options for healthy dining, and elderly suicide (which Beaufort is #1 in the nation) than this is the place for you.
      I'm sure that a lot has changed since the days of slavery and all (which in itself is a whole other topic), but adding a few overpriced froyo shops and soap distributors does not make this town "modern". And if you're only argument for a healthy food options is that clean eatz place or farmers market only open on Saturday until 1 with only 3 food vendors, you need to get out and stop torturing yourself. Clean eatz taste like trash, and eggs, honey, and bread should not be all you're able to get food wise from a farmers market... Oh and most of your shops all close between 7 and 8 pm. Even on weekends. So if you work nights it's either Walmart or wait until tomorrow, unless it's Sunday because they'll be closed.
      I hope to never come back to this place.
      14 -4
      Beauty IS only skin deep!
      And this town has thin skin. The only attraction to see is a tiny little downtown (Bay street) about five blocks long. That's where all the local shops are and just a few that are cutesy quaint and way overpriced. It does have a little water front park on the Beaufort River (inter coastal water way). The tide rises and falls eight feet twice a day exposing smelly "pluth mud". Beaufort is not even on the coast. It is 30 miles from the coast and there you will find only one beach that is a state park. The people are not at all friendly unless you are spending money. We have been looking for investment property and so we asked locals how they felt about the local government. The majority consensus seems to be that it is closed minded, slow, and a good-ole boys club. There is apparently a lot of crime as well and especially homicide farther out toward the islands of St.Helena and Fripp. It seems that there really are not any "local" people, just transient military (and lot's of it) and retirees looking for homes in gated communities. Which means there is no sense of community in the town. So there is a vast divide between those that have and the have-nots. We have concluded that Beaufort is a small microcosm example of a socially dysfunctional town brought about by the real estate industry and retirement wealth seeking to escape the demise of their own communities is other parts of the country. We have found much friendlier parts of South Carolina and ones that are not at sea level.
      15 -7
      Southern Livings Best Small Town in the South
      There is a reason while Beaufort gets this award on a yearly basis. We have lived in many areas both in and out of the U.S. Beaufort has been the most rewarding in so many ways. We made friends, lots of them, much faster here, than anywhere. There are many transplants. I find it interesting, that Military families, who have traveled the world, make Beaufort their home, when they can finally place roots. Yes, it gets hot, but that is what screened porches and ice tea are for, just relax. If you garden, you can start in March. You may have to open the doors to cook your turkey dinner to let the heat out. No family here? Your new friends will get together and everyone will pitch in for a special dinner. Don't cook? The downtown area offers a large selection of places to really enjoy a dining experience. Have something light on the water, at one of the outdoor patios or enjoy a complete dinner indoors. The bar food and small plate available around town are great. I need to address the F rating on crime. Our neighborhood of around 80 households, has had 0 major crime. A bike was taken years ago, and later found. None of our friends have had crime in their neighborhoods. Like everywhere, there are a few places where you don't go at night, but most places are very safe. I have never felt unsafe, nor do I know anyone personally that has. Come for a visit, you may want to stay!
      0 -3
      Source: The Beaufort, SC data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).