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Best Places To Live In Michigan 2024

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Michigan: The Wolverine State

Michigan is one of the fastest growing states in the country. Many people are moving to the state because of the booming economy and the affordable housing. Although many parts of the state were hit hard in the last recession, there is an economic jobs boom coming back to the area. There are many reasons why people call this great state home. If you are moving to the area, there are several things to keep in mind. This is a state that is home to a lot of jobs in certain industries. The cost of living really changes depending on what part of the state that you are interested in.

Like many areas of the country, Michigan has gone through a lot of changes recently. There are many people who are excited about those changes, and they are ready to start investing in the state again. With the growth of the economy, more people have moved to the state which has increased the cost of housing. Although there are still some cities that are struggling to stay above water, many cities are booming with new jobs that pay well. The closer you get to Detroit, the less expensive housing gets. After Ford moved out of the city, it has been a tough battle to get things going again. Not only that, but many people would prefer to live in other parts of the state.

One of the things that Michigan is known for is education. There are many quality universities in the state, and a lot of people are excited about the future of the state educational system. The state likes to invest a lot of money into teachers so that the best and brightest stay within the state. Not only that, but the test scores in Michigan are some of the highest in the country. The more expensive the area you live in, the better the schools are as a general rule. Over time, Michigan is planning to try and make sure that other people who move have access to great educational opportunities.

If you are planning on moving to Michigan, you need to have a plan to find the best places to live. With an abundance of great cities and neighborhoods, finding the perfect spot to settle down in Michigan isn't easy. AreaVibes will give you a head start as these cities are our picks for the best places to live in Michigan. To further customize your list of the best places to live in Michigan, you can also specify your search radius, population size, home/rent budget and what metrics (amenities, crime, cost of living, education, employment, housing, weather) are most important to you. AreaVibes has all of the information that you need to make the best decision possible.