Cities in British Columbia

Population: 5,149,422

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British Columbia Overview

Statistic Value
Population 5,149,422
Population Density 5 ppl. / sq. mi.
Median Age 42
Male To Female Ratio 1.02 : 0
Married (15yrs & older) 70.63%
Families w/ Kids under 18 41.02%
Speak English 89.72%

British Columbia Demographics

Statistic Value
Median Household Income $86,325
Unemployment Rate 4%
No Certificate 14%
Completed High School 85.93%
Bachelors Degree 18%
Masters Degree 9%
Avg. School Score 63%

British Columbia: Beautiful British Columbia

Ethnically diverse and culturally rich, British Columbia is the province with the third highest population. It is home to Vancouver, the largest metropolitan area in Canada’s western provinces and the third largest in the nation. Bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains, B.C. also boasts a wide variety of wildlife, with numerous nature preserves and national parks. There’s plenty in this province to attract both the urban adventurist and the outdoor enthusiast.

The region’s population includes people of the First Nations and immigrants from all over, yielding a vibrant, eclectic culture. Festivals, music events and outdoor recreation are just a few of the activities that regularly draw visitors from all over to this area. British Columbia has a wealth of industry spanning a broad range of categories. These include mining, agriculture, tourism, finance, retail and other service industry related businesses.

The province’s bustling economy is matched by a busy real estate market. About half of the population living in British Columbia live in and around the Vancouver metro region. The southern portion of Vancouver Island is another population hot-spot. While the region’s real estate market features many luxury homes for purchase, lease and rent, it also has a wide range of more affordable family homes. Having said that, real estate in Vancouver is some of the most expensive in the country. Quality health care and education are among the key elements that lead so many families to choose British Columbia. The climate varies from fairly mild winters in the coastal regions to seriously cold in the northern interior regions. Summers tend to be temperate, with rain varying according to region.

The attractions that bring tourists to the region are also part of what makes this part of Canada a wonderful place to live. Vancouver is the region’s cultural center, offering a wealth of culture, arts and entertainment. Popular destinations for locals and tourists alike include the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Museum of Anthropology and the Vancouver Aquarium. Nature lovers will revel in the region’s majestic national parks and nature reserves. Hiking, horseback riding, water sports and biking are among the favored outdoor activities in British Columbia.

All British Columbia cities

105 Mile Post 2AbbotsfordAhahswinis 1Aitchelitch 9Alberni 2Alberni-Clayoquot AAlberni-Clayoquot BAlberni-Clayoquot CAlberni-Clayoquot DAlberni-Clayoquot EAlberni-Clayoquot FAlbert Flat 5Alert BayAlexandriaAlexis 9Alkali Lake 1Alkali Lake 4AAnacla 12Anahim's Flat 1Anahim's MeadowAnmoreArmstrongAshcroftAshcroft 4Ashnola 10Babine 6Babine 17Babine 25Baptiste Meadow 2Barnston Island 3BarriereBasque 18Becher Bay 1BelcarraBella Bella 1Bella Coola 1Binche 2 (Pinchie 2)Blind Creek 6Blueberry River 205Bonaparte 3Boothroyd 13Bowen IslandBridge River 1Bucktum 4Bulkley River 19Bulkley-Nechako ABulkley-Nechako BBulkley-Nechako CBulkley-Nechako DBulkley-Nechako EBulkley-Nechako FBulkley-Nechako GBurnabyBurns LakeBurns Lake 18Burrard Inlet 3Cache CreekCampbell RiverCampbell River 11Canal FlatsCanim Lake 1Canim Lake 2Canoe Creek 1Canoe Creek 2Canoe Creek 3Cape Mudge 10Capilano 5Cariboo ACariboo BCariboo CCariboo DCariboo ECariboo FCariboo GCariboo HCariboo ICariboo JCariboo KCariboo LCassimayooks (Mayook) 5CastlegarCayoosh Creek 1Central Coast ACentral Coast CCentral Coast DCentral Coast ECentral Kootenay ACentral Kootenay BCentral Kootenay CCentral Kootenay DCentral Kootenay ECentral Kootenay FCentral Kootenay GCentral Kootenay HCentral Kootenay ICentral Kootenay JCentral Kootenay KCentral OkanaganCentral Okanagan JCentral SaanichChaseChawathil 4Cheakamus 11Cheam 1Chehalis 5Chekwelp 26Chemainus 13Chenahkint 12Cheslatta 1ChetwyndChilco Lake 1Chilco Lake 1AChilhil 6ChilliwackChopaka 7 & 8Chuchuwayha 2Chum Creek 2Clakamucus 2ClearwaterClintonColdstreamColdwater 1Cole Bay 3Columbia Lake 3Columbia-Shuswap AColumbia-Shuswap BColumbia-Shuswap CColumbia-Shuswap DColumbia-Shuswap EColumbia-Shuswap FColwoodComoxComox 1Comox Valley AComox Valley B (Lazo North)Comox Valley C (Puntledge - Black Creek)CoquitlamCoquitlam 1Coquitlam 2Coryatsaqua (Moricetown) 2CourtenayCowichanCowichan LakeCowichan Valley ACowichan Valley BCowichan Valley CCowichan Valley DCowichan Valley ECowichan Valley FCowichan Valley GCowichan Valley HCowichan Valley ICranbrookCrestonCreston 1CumberlandDawson CreekDead Point 5Dease Lake 9Deep Creek 2DeltaDog Creek 1Dog Creek 2Doig River 206Dolphin Island 1Douglas 8Douglas Lake 3Duck Lake 7DuncanDuncan Lake 2Dzitline Lee 9East Kootenay AEast Kootenay BEast Kootenay CEast Kootenay EEast Kootenay FEast Kootenay GEast Moberly Lake 169East Saanich 2Ehatis 11Elhlateese 2ElkfordEnderbyEnderby 2Esowista 3EsquimaltEst-Patrolas 4Euchinico Creek 17FernieFishtrap 19Five Mile Point 3Fontas 1Fort George (Shelley) 2Fort Nelson 2Fort Rupert 1Fort St. JamesFort St. JohnFort Ware 1Fountain 1Fountain 3Fountain 10Fountain 11Fountain 12Fountain 1BFountain Creek 8Francois Lake 7Fraser LakeFraser Valley AFraser Valley BFraser Valley CFraser Valley DFraser Valley EFraser Valley FFraser Valley GFraser Valley HFraser-Fort George AFraser-Fort George CFraser-Fort George DFraser-Fort George EFraser-Fort George FFraser-Fort George GFraser-Fort George HFruitvaleGaliano Island 9GardenGibsonsGitanmaax 1Gitanyow 1Gitsegukla 1Gitwangak 1Gold RiverGoldenGood Hope LakeGordon River 2Grand ForksGranisleGreater Vancouver AGreenwoodGuhthe Tah 12Gwayasdums 1Hagwilget 1Halalt 2Halfway River 168HalhalaedenHarris 3Harrison Hot SpringsHazeltonHesquiat 1High Bar 1HighlandsHolachten 8Homalco 9HopeHope Island 1Houpsitas 6HoustonHudson's HopeHustalen 1Ingenika PointInkahtsaph 6InkluckcheenInklyuhkinatko 2InvermereIskut 6Ittatsoo 1Jean Baptiste 28Joeyaska 2Johny Sticks 2Juan de Fuca (Part 1)Juan de Fuca (Part 2)Kahmoose 4KamloopsKamloops 1Kanaka BarKasloKatit 1Katzie 1Katzie 2KelownaKentKeremeosKil-pah-las 3KimberleyKippase 2Kispiox 1Kitamaat 2Kitasoo 1KitimatKitimat-Stikine AKitimat-Stikine BKitimat-Stikine C (Part 1)Kitimat-Stikine C (Part 2)Kitimat-Stikine DKitimat-Stikine EKitimat-Stikine FKitselas 1Kitsumkaylum 1Kitzowit 20Klahkamich 17Kleetlekut 22Klehkoot 2Klickkumcheen 18Kloklowuck 7Kluskus 1Kootenay 1Kootenay Boundary AKootenay Boundary B / Lower Columbia-Old-GloryKootenay Boundary C / Christina LakeKootenay Boundary D / Rural Grand ForksKootenay Boundary E / West BoundaryKopchitchin 2Kowtain 17Kshish 4Kulkayu (Hartley Bay) 4Kulspai 6Kumcheen 1Kwawkwawapilt 6LadysmithLakahahmen 11Lake CountryLake CowichanLaketown 3LangfordLangleyLantzvilleLax Kw'alaams 1Lezbye 6Liard River 3LillooetLillooet 1Lions BayLittle SpringsLogan LakeLohbiee 3Louis Creek 4Lower Hat Creek 2Lower PostLower Similkameen 2Lukseetsissum 9LumbyLyttonLytton 4ALytton 4ELytton 9ALytton 9BMackenzieMacoah 1Malachan 11Malahat 11Maple RidgeMarble Canyon 3Marktosis 15MassetMasset 1Matsqui 4Matsqui Main 2McBrideMcCartney's Flat 4McLeod Lake 1McMillan Island 6MerrittMetchosinMichel Gardens 36MidwayMissionMission 1Mission 5Mission Lands 17MontroseMoricetown 1Mount CurrieMount Waddington AMount Waddington BMount Waddington CMount Waddington DMusqueam 2Musqueam 4Nak'azdli (Necoslie 1)NakuspNanaimoNanaimo ANanaimo BNanaimo CNanaimo ENanaimo FNanaimo GNanaimo HNanaimo RiverNanaimo Town 1NanooseNautley (Fort Fraser) 1Nazco 20Necait 6Nedoats 11Nekalliston 2Nekliptum 1NelsonNequatqueNesikep 6NeskonlithNesuch 3New DenverNew HazeltonNew Songhees 1ANew WestminsterNickel Palm 4Nickeyeah 25Nicola Lake 1Nicola Mameet 1Nicomen 1Nimpkish 2Nisga'aNohomeen 23Nooaitch 10North Bay 5North CowichanNorth Okanagan BNorth Okanagan CNorth Okanagan DNorth Okanagan ENorth Okanagan FNorth SaanichNorth Tacla LakeNorth Thompson 1North VancouverNorthern RockiesNumukamis 1Nuuautin 2Oak BayOclucje 7Ohamil 1Okanagan (Part) 1Okanagan-Similkameen AOkanagan-Similkameen BOkanagan-Similkameen COkanagan-Similkameen DOkanagan-Similkameen EOkanagan-Similkameen FOkanagan-Similkameen GOkanagan-Similkameen HOliverOmineca 1One Hundred Mile HouseOpitsat 1Oregon Jack Creek 5OsoyoosOsoyoos 1Oyster Bay 12Palling 1Papyum 27PaqulhParksvillePashilqua 2Paska Island 3Paul's Basin 2Pavilion 1Peace River BPeace River CPeace River DPeace River EPeachlandPembertonPenelakut Island 7PentictonPenticton 1Pentledge 2Peters 1Pitt MeadowsPoison Creek 17APopkum 1Port AlberniPort AlicePort ClementsPort CoquitlamPort EdwardPort HardyPort McNeillPort MoodyPouce CoupePowell RiverPowell River APowell River BPowell River CPowell River DPowell River EPriest's Valley 6Prince GeorgePrince RupertPrincetonProphet River 4Puckatholetchin 11Puntzi Lake 2Q'alatkú7emQuaaout 1Quaee 7QualicumQualicum BeachQuatsino Subdivision 18Queen CharlotteQuesnelQuesnel 1Quinsam 12Radium Hot SpringsRedstone Flat 1Refuge Cove 6RevelstokeRichmondRosslandS1/2 Tsimpsean 2SaanichSachteenSahhaltkum 4SalmoSalmon ArmSalmon River 1Salmon River Meadow 7Saltspring IslandSandy Harry 4SaywardSchelowat 1Schkam 2Scotch Creek 4Scowlitz 1Seabird IslandSeah 5Seaichem 16Seaspunkut 4SecheltSemiahmooSeton Lake 5Seymour Creek 2Shackan 11Shawniken 4BShuswapSicamousSidneySik-e-dakh 2SilvertonSiska FlatSkawahlook 1Skeena-Queen Charlotte ASkeena-Queen Charlotte CSkeena-Queen Charlotte DSkeena-Queen Charlotte ESkeetchestnSkidegate 1Skins Lake 16ASkins Lake 16BSkookumchuck 4SkowkaleSkuppah 4Skwah 4Skwali 3Skway 5Skwayaynope 26Skweahm 10Sliammon 1SlocanSlosh 1SmithersSoda Creek 1SookeSoowahlie 14South Saanich 1Southern Gulf IslandsSowchea 3SpallumcheenSparwoodSpences BridgeSpeyum 3Spintlum Flat 3Spuzzum 1Squaam 2SquamishSquamish-Lillooet ASquamish-Lillooet BSquamish-Lillooet CSquamish-Lillooet DSquaw-hay-one 11Squawkum Creek 3SquiaalaSquinas 2Squirrel Cove 8Stawamus 24Stellaquo (Stella) 1StewartStikine RegionStone 1Stony Creek 1Strathcona AStrathcona BStrathcona CStrathcona D (Oyster Bay - Buttle Lake)Stryen 9Stullawheets 8SummerlandSun Peaks MountainSundayman's Meadow 3Sunshine Coast ASunshine Coast BSunshine Coast DSunshine Coast ESunshine Coast FSurreySwan Lake 3SwitsemalphSwitsemalph 3T'Sou-keTache 1TahsisTanakut 4Tatla West 11Tatla't East 2TaylorTelegraph CreekTelkwaTerraceTheik 2Thomas Squinas Ranch 2AThompson-Nicola A (Wells Gray Country)Thompson-Nicola B (Thompson Headwaters)Thompson-Nicola E (Bonaparte Plateau)Thompson-Nicola I (Blue Sky Country)Thompson-Nicola J (Copper Desert Country)Thompson-Nicola L (Grasslands)Thompson-Nicola M (Beautiful Nicola Valley - North)Thompson-Nicola N (Beautiful Nicola Valley - South)Thompson-Nicola O (Lower North Thompson)Thompson-Nicola P (Rivers and the Peaks)Tin Wis 11Tipella 7Tobacco Plains 2TofinoToosey 1Tork 7Towdystan Lake 3Towinock 2TrailTrout Lake Alec 16Tsa Xana 18Tsahaheh 1Tsaukan 12TsawwassenTseatah 2Tsinstikeptum 9Tsinstikeptum 10Tsulquate 4Tsussie 6Tuckkwiowhum 1Tumbler RidgeTzart-Lam 5Tzeachten 13UclueletUlkatcho 14AUncha Lake 13AUnion Bay 4Unnamed 10Upper Hat Creek 1Upper Nepa 6Upper Sumas 6ValemountVancouverVanderhoofVernonVictoriaView RoyalWaiwakum 14WarfieldWellsWest KelownaWest Moberly Lake 168AWest VancouverWhispering Pines 4WhistlerWhite RockWilliams LakeWilliams Lake 1Williams Prairie Meadow 1AWindy Mouth 7Woyenne 27Yakweakwioose 12Yale Town 1Yawaucht 11Ye Koo Che 3Yekwaupsum 18Yuquot 1Zacht 5ZeballosZoht 4