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Living in Vancouver, BC

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  • Vancouver has a Livability Score of 67/100, which is considered average
  • Vancouver crime rates are 12% lower than the British Columbia average
  • Cost of living in Vancouver is 10% higher than the British Columbia average

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Vancouver, BC

Vancouver is consistently named as one of the best cities in the world to live in and it’s easy to see why. Vancouver residents enjoy the best of both city life and the great outdoors, with swimming at the beach, hiking in the mountains and dining at trendy restaurants all in a day’s work. The weather is pleasant throughout the year and employment opportunities are plenty. The city has a young, multicultural population because of the several top universities in the area and the tech companies that employ recent graduates and young professionals. Our Vancouver Livability guide will cover the best of this booming metropolis, from the cost of living and vibrant community to its range of culinary delights.

The influx of immigration and the booming economy have put a strain on the city’s real estate and infrastructure, leading to sky-high rents and home prices throughout the city. Vancouver is home to the most expensive rental and housing prices in the country and the cost of living is significantly higher than the national average. However, wages are comparably high and the city offers unrivalled business and networking opportunities. With low crime rates, safe communities and a number of good schools in the metropolitan area, Vancouver is also ideal for family life. Stanley Park in the West end of the city, with its beaches, parks and numerous shops and eateries is a favourite spot for the younger crowd and families alike.

Although Vancouver is a large metropolis, it won’t be hard to explore the distinct characters of each of the city’s diverse neighbourhoods. Public transport in Vancouver is excellent and offers rapid transit trains, commuter rail and a seaferry in addition to its extensive network of buses. As Vancouver is such an ethnically diverse city, you’ll find each neighbourhood has a distinct character and ethnic mix. This multicultural character also makes Vancouver a food lover’s paradise. The city is broadly split into Westside, which offers a number of high-end restaurants and East Van where you can browse many ethnic restaurants offering the best of Chinese, Indian, Filipino, Mexican, German and Japanese cuisine. In the centre of the city, Gastown, Vancouver’s older neighorhood has historically been a gastronomer’s delight. Named for a single tavern founded in 1867, Gastown today is home to Vancouver’s sizeable Chinatown and as any Vancouver resident will tell you, offers some of the best dim sum in North America.


Vancouver General Hospital Playground
Hadden Park
Art Phillips Park
McSpadden Park
Cariboo Park


Contemporary Art Gallery
Aurora Digitalis
The Post at 750
Arts Umbrella

Food & Drink

Bento Box
Thai Son
Ignite Pizzeria
The General Public
Drive to Work

14% lower than the CA average

Take Public Transit

10% higher than the CA average

Walk to Work

5% higher than the CA average


British Columbia Children's Hospital, Vancouver
St. Paul's Hospital
Children's & Women's Health Centre of British Columbia


London Drugs
Shoppers Drug Mart
Howe Street Pharmacy
Shoppers Drug Mart
London Drugs


The Seymour Medical Clinic
Broadway Medical Dental
Dr. Timothy W.T. Kam Inc.
Westcoast Women's Clinic
Care Point Medical Clinic

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