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Die of boredom in Ann Arbor

Notice how the reviews were from visitors rather than actual residents? We have lived in many states from the West coast throughout the Midwest and after living her for 5 years we are ready to move! You can die of boredom here in Ann Arbor. Compared to Canton and Novi, there are no stores here other than a small dilapidated mall, We have yet to find one good restaurant in 5 years and it's clear why it was ranked #81 in Michigan and only #3557 in the USA. The roads are the worst in the country, with dirt roads everywhere and potholes on every block. City services and police presence are non existent here. As a homeowner, the taxes and utilities are the highest of any State we have lived with nothing in return. There is a shortage of housing and rents are high, jobs are scarce, weather is the worst and snow removal is minimal. Si whats the attraction to move here? We haven't seen any yet.
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I liked it!

I visited Ann Arbor a year ago (2012) and really loved it! There were tons of great restaurants and fun places to see. It also felt like there were a lot of trees surrounding the city and a great vibe. Because it is a college town, the nightlife was really fun as well! The streets were pretty full with people roaming and eating and enjoying each others company. I would really like to visit longer to really get a better feel for the area, but all in all I really loved my time there. It felt like a small town but with all the cultural aspects of a big city!
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Ann Arbor, MI - The Good Old Cityscape!

I was in Ann Arbor, MI in 2010 to visit college friends at the University of Michigan. My general impression of Ann Arbor is that it is mostly a university town. Most of the population is youth at the University and the majority of surrounding business thrives off the university. As a result Ann Arbor has a very young, fast paced and exciting feel for youth. The city of Ann Arbor is primarily setup around the university, therefore it is no surprise you will find tons of nightlife, restaurants and shopping in Ann Arbor since those tend to be favorites of the youth! I enjoyed a wide selection of well kept clubs and bars until the early hours of the morning! There is no shortage of good restaurants with everything from New York Delicatessen to S'cargo (Escargot) served fresh! Shopping in Ann Arbor is plentiful as well with multiple malls and shopping plazas as well as many different localities throughout the city focused on shopping. You can also find things for sale on just about every other street, typical of any city. Ann Arbor is a visit best suited for those who are interested in the younger lifestyle more than anything else.
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