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Best Places To Live In Virginia Beach, VA

  • Virginia Beach, VA
  • Your matching location
  • Population: 449,733
  • I didnt stay here long, but I found it to be an amazing place to live. Highly recommend it to other people as a great…[read more]
Nearby Areas With A High Livability Score85
  • US Navy Little Creek Amphibious Base, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Neighborhood: 11.1mi / 17.9km away
  • Population: 4,905
  • Dam Neck Naval Air Station, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Neighborhood: 4.0mi / 6.4km away
  • Population: 4,046
  • Great Bridge East, Chesapeake, VA
  • Neighborhood: 17.9mi / 28.8km away
  • Population: 17,164
  • North Central, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Neighborhood: 6.3mi / 10.2km away
  • Population: 25,176
  • Phoebus, Hampton, VA
  • Neighborhood: 22.2mi / 35.7km away
  • Population: 10,741
  • Great Bridge, Chesapeake, VA
  • Neighborhood: 19.0mi / 30.6km away
  • Population: 24,376
  • Foxhill, Hampton, VA
  • Neighborhood: 23.9mi / 38.4km away
  • Population: 8,835
  • Northwest, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Neighborhood: 9.4mi / 15.1km away
  • Population: 73,160
  • I have lived in Northwest Virginia Beach for five years now, and I love it! I like the history and culture of the area, the blend of the old and the new, and the friendly people. Northwest Virginia…[read more]
  • Northeast, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Neighborhood: 3.0mi / 4.9km away
  • Population: 67,163
  • Indian River, Chesapeake, VA
  • Neighborhood: 14.7mi / 23.6km away
  • Population: 26,420
  • Deep Creek South, Chesapeake, VA
  • Neighborhood: 21.2mi / 34.2km away
  • Population: 10,890
  • Greenbrier East, Chesapeake, VA
  • Neighborhood: 12.8mi / 20.5km away
  • Population: 24,977
  • Chesapeake, VA
  • City: 18.1mi / 29.1km away
  • Population: 233,194
  • My husband and I love to eat breakfast at this Denneys. We love their coffee bacon eggs and oatmeal. We have a favorite waitress named Azza who we ask to serve us. Azza is very friendly and does…[read more]
  • Buckroe, Hampton, VA
  • Neighborhood: 22.3mi / 35.9km away
  • Population: 13,309
  • Greenbrier West, Chesapeake, VA
  • Neighborhood: 16.9mi / 27.2km away
  • Population: 19,161
  • Greenbrier West is a great place to live and is located in the heart of Chesapeake. While there are not that many things to do, there are many great places to reside in, and many great QUIET…[read more]
  • Norfolk, VA
  • City: 17.0mi / 27.4km away
  • Population: 245,724
  • Sure, the beach is close and there are some great attractions in the city, but honestly, the general attitudes of the people living here ruin it. I've never met so many outwardly aggressive people;…[read more]
  • Butts Station, Chesapeake, VA
  • Neighborhood: 15.1mi / 24.4km away
  • Population: 6,548
  • Pleasant Grove West, Chesapeake, VA
  • Neighborhood: 22.9mi / 36.8km away
  • Population: 9,975
  • Fort Story, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Neighborhood: 5.2mi / 8.3km away
  • Population: 395
  • South Norfolk, Chesapeake, VA
  • Neighborhood: 17.2mi / 27.7km away
  • Population: 22,921
  • Portsmouth, VA
  • City: 17.8mi / 28.6km away
  • Population: 96,071
  • I lived in Portsmouth, VA for about 7 months. I lived in the Churchland area of Portsmouth. This area I really enjoyed. There was a variety of great restaurants, bars and some cozy shops to go browsing…[read more]
  • Pleasant Grove East, Chesapeake, VA
  • Neighborhood: 19.5mi / 31.5km away
  • Population: 6,558

Virginia Beach, VA: Mild Coastal Climate

Virginia Beach is a beach town with a city suburban flavor thanks to the surrounding Virginia cities of Chesapeake, Newport News, Hampton, Norfolk, Suffolk, and Portsmouth. Known as the Resort City, Virginia Beach has lured many a vacationer to take up permanent residence in this metro area. Waterfront homes, ocean views, and some of the world's best seafood restaurants make residents proud to call Virginia Beach home.

Residents of Virginia Beach have a weekend getaway at their doorstep with a great boardwalk and beachfront and attractions like the Virginia Aquarium, First Landing State Park and Mount Trashmore Sate Park (formerly a landfill). Virginia Beach and the surrounding area has a strong economy making a move here even more attractive. Job opportunities abound in both government and civilian fields. Several niche opportunities along with an attractive lifestyle make Virginia Beach a great place to begin a career.

In U.S. News rankings, Virginia Beach ranks a better than average place to live for overall desirability and quality of life. The metro area has a population that hovers around 1.5 million. The average annual salary is currently over $45,000 and the unemployment rate is well under 5%. The average price of a home is around $225,000 and the average rental is a little over $1,000 per monthly. the general cost of living including groceries, utilities, healthcare, and transportation is in line with the national average.

Virginia Beach has a mild coastal climate but experiences four seasons. The average high is 68.2 degrees and the average low is 52.0. Summers can get hot but sea breezes help cool the city down. The area is prone to hurricanes from June through November. Winters are mild with heavy rains and an occasional snowfall. Many Hampton Road residents opt to travel around town by bike or walking. Other residents rely on cars. Mass transit options by Hampton Roads Transit includes buses, trolleys, ferries, and shuttle services to major points of interest. A hybrid electric trolley system called the VB Wave provides an affordable shuttle that runs along Atlantic Avenue. Virginia Beach residents have easy access to destinations around the world via the Norfolk International Airport. Greyhound bus line and Amtrak also serve the area.

If you are planning a move, we can give you a head start on finding the best places to live in Virginia Beach. Customize your search for the best places to live with metrics most important to youy such as amenities, cost of living, crime, and education.