Total crime NAT. AVG.
Violent crime NAT. AVG.
Property crime NAT. AVG.
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Date & Last Updated: This data reflects the 2022 calendar year and was released from the FBI in September, 2023; this is the most current data available.
StatisticReportedincidents/100k peopleSheridan/100k peopleColorado/100k peopleNational/100k people
Total crime663n/a (estimate)11,1173,6402,324
Violent crime54n/a (estimate)905493370
Vehicle theft160n/a2,682.8785.7282.7
Property crime609n/a (estimate)10,2113,1481,954

An Overview of Crime Rates in Sheridan, CO

Crime is typically categorized into two main types: violent and property crimes. Violent crimes encompass offenses such as murder, rape, robbery, and assault, while property crimes include burglary, theft, and vehicle theft. Based on the most recent report, the Sheridan crime rate is higher than the national average by 378.3%. Specifically, there were 54 violent crimes in Sheridan, equivalent to 905 per 100,000 individuals, higher than the national average by 144.8%. Furthermore, Sheridan recorded 609 property crimes, amounting to 10211 per 100,000 residents, which was higher than the average by 422.5%.

With a total of 11117 crimes per 100,000 people, the Sheridan crime rates stand at 378.3 higher than the national average. Consequently, the area grapples with one of the nation's highest total crime rates. Addressing this challenge is crucial for enhancing the safety and livability in Sheridan, making it a priority to reduce crime through community engagement, effective law enforcement, and collaborative efforts to secure a better future for residents and prospective residents.

Sheridan ranks among the bottom 10% of all U.S. cities reporting violent crime, earning its reputation as one of the nation's most dangerous areas. With a violent crime rate of 905 per 100,000 people, Sheridan is considered one of the most unsafe cities in America. This statistic translates to a 1 in 111 chance of becoming a victim of violent crime in Sheridan, underscoring the need for increased safety measures and community engagement to improve the city's security.

In a remarkable testament to the city's commitment to safety, Sheridan reported a murder rate of 0. This could indicate that it is a very safe place to live, but also serves as an inspiration to other urban areas striving for safer communities. Examining the full crime report will provide a complete overview of all crimes - violent and property.

Every year, one in 10 people fall victim to a property crime in Sheridan - which is high compared to the national average. With a property crime rate of 10211 per 100,000 people, Sheridan has one of the highest property crime rates in the country. In fact, the city ranks among the worst 10% of all cities that reported crime last year.

The surge in vehicle thefts is a concerning trend across the United States, and Sheridan is no exception, experiencing one of the nation's highest vehicle theft rates. Last year, Sheridan reported a total of 160 vehicle thefts, resulting in 2683 stolen vehicles per 100,000 people. This places the city in the lowest 10% tier among all cities, indicating that 90% of cities have less stolen vehicles. The probability of a vehicle being stolen stands at 1 in 38, underscoring the need for heightened vigilance and security measures.

What Do the Locals Say About Crime in Sheridan?

AreaVibes surveyed 5 local residents in Sheridan to gauge the safety of the area. Based on the results, 0% of people answered that there was very little crime in Sheridan and that they felt very comfortable walking alone at night. Another 100% of people responded that there was far too much crime and they would be hesitant to walk the streets alone at night. Keep in mind that the opinions of residents may vary depending on which area they live in.

Is Sheridan a Safe Place to Live?

To determine if Sheridan is a safe place to live, let's take a look at the overall crime rate of the area, as well as the number of daily crimes. Sheridan has a total crime rate that is 378% higher than the national average per 100,000 residents. This results in a total of 1.82 daily crimes (0.15 violent daily crimes and 1.67 daily property crimes) in Sheridan.

Has Crime in Sheridan Increased Since Last Year?

Year-over-year crime rates in Sheridan has decreased by 1.9% in the last reported crime report. Comparing crime rates from one year to another offers some insight into whether or not Sheridan is becoming a safer or more dangerous place to live. Crime rates are categorized by violent and property crime. Year-over-year violent crime has decreased by 23.9%, while property crime has decreased by 0.7%. This analysis equips individuals with crucial information for making informed decisions about living in Sheridan.

Potential Causes for Crime in Sheridan

In Sheridan, the current unemployment rate stands at 3.1%, diverging from the national average of 4.7%. The availability of job opportunities is a pivotal factor influencing unemployment and underemployment rates. Communities where individuals contend with limited employment prospects or a preponderance of low-wage positions may witness elevated rates of joblessness and income inadequacy, which can contribute to heightened crime levels driven by financial insecurity. Conversely, areas characterized by robust employment rates often experience a reduction in overall Sheridan crime rates.

Sheridan has a ratio of police officers and civilians per 1,000 residents that differs from the national norm, with 5.79 officers and civilians per 1,000 residents, compared to 3.25 nationwide. Crime rates are profoundly influenced by the effectiveness of law enforcement and community policing endeavors. A resilient and cooperative partnership between law enforcement agencies and the community can serve as a deterrent to criminal activities, ultimately enhancing safety. The efficacy of law enforcement extends beyond mere numbers and extends into the realm of community policing strategies, emphasizing the cultivation of trust and collaboration between officers and the community. It is not merely a matter of quantity but the quality of engagement with the community that matters most.

High rent costs can create economic stress for individuals and families, particularly those with limited financial resources. When a significant portion of one's income is spent on housing, there may be less money available for other essential needs such as food, healthcare and education. Economic stress can contribute to desperation and potentially lead individuals to engage in criminal activities, such as theft or fraud, as a means of financial survival. Average rent rates in Sheridan are $1,212, compared to a national average of $949 per month.

Sheridan crime map

The Sheridan crime map provides a detailed overview of all crimes in Sheridan as reported by the local law enforcement agencies. Based on the color coded legend above, the crime map outlines the areas with lower crime compared to the areas with higher crime. The Sheridan crime heat map offers insight into the total crimes on a block group level. Please note that the red areas on the Sheridan crime map does not always indicate that it is a dangerous area for its residents. Areas on the heat map could be inflated if they are located in high traffic areas like airports, sports centers or large parks. Other areas on the heat map could see increased crime rates if they are located in major tourist areas like the downtown core.
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Crime Quick Facts

  • Sheridan crime rates are 378% higher than the national average
  • Violent crimes in Sheridan are 145% higher than the national average
  • In Sheridan you have a 1 in 9 chance of becoming a victim of crime
  • Sheridan is safer than 2% of the cities in the United States
  • Year over year crime in Sheridan has not changed

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        Daily Crime In Sheridan (per 100,000 people)

        The graph above looks at the comparison of crimes committed in Sheridan on a daily basis (per 100,000 people) to crimes committed throughout the state of Colorado and the USA. According to the latest crime statistics, daily crimes in Sheridan (which include property crimes as well as violent crimes), when compared to Colorado, are 3.05 times more than the state average and 4.78 times more than than national average. Violent crimes committed in Sheridan on a daily basis are 1.84 times more than than Colorado average and 2.45 times more than the average nationwide. Daily property crime rates in Sheridan are 3.24 times more than the daily state average and 5.22 times more than the daily national numbers.

        How Safe is Sheridan (higher is better)

        How safe is Sheridan, Colorado compared to other cities in Colorado and the rest of the cities across the United States? The graphs above show that Sheridan is safer than 5% of the cities in Colorado and 2% of the cities in the United States. These results are calculated by analyzing all cities in Colorado and across the US as a whole and determining how many areas have a lower crime rate than Sheridan. Overall, Sheridan is ranked below average compared to all other cities across the United States.

        Chance of Being A Victim of Crime in Sheridan

        The chance of being a victim of violent crime in Sheridan is 1 in 111
        The chance of being a victim of property crime in Sheridan is 1 in 10
        The chance of being a victim of crime in Sheridan is 1 in 9
        Are you curious to know the likelihood of suffering from a crime in Sheridan? If you reside in Sheridan, the likelihood that you will become a victim of a violent crime is 1 in 111. Violent crimes include: murder, sexual assault, robbery, and physical assault. There is a 1 in 10 change that you will become a victim of a property crime. These sorts of crimes against personal property include: burglary, theft, and auto theft. In total, the likelihood of being victimized by a crime in Sheridan, is 1 in 9.

        Year Over Year Crime In Sheridan (per 100,000 people)

        Determining whether Sheridan is becoming less or more safe for its residents (per 100,000) is most easily done by comparing year-over-year crime rates. Sheridan violent crime rates have decreased by 23%. At the same time, property crime has increased by 2% year over year. Total crimes for Sheridan has not changed in the same time frame.

        Sheridan police department

        Item Sheridan Colorado National
        Law enforcement employees (officers & civilians)349,049558,732
        Police officers & civilians /1000 residents5.89.63.3
        There are a total of 34 Sheridan police officers. This results in 5.8 police officers per 1,000 residents which is 39.4% less than the Colorado average and 78.1% greater than the National average.

        Sex offenders in Colorado

        State Total offenders Colorado /100K National /100K
        There are a total of 11,204 sex offenders in Colorado. This yields a total of 251 sex offenders in Colorado per 100,000 residents which is 6% less than the national average.

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        Sheridan, CO6,07290510,21111,117
        Source: The Sheridan, CO crime data displayed above is derived from the FBI's uniform crime reports for the year of 2022. The crime report encompasses more than 18,000 city and state law enforcement agencies reporting data on property and violent crimes. The uniform crime reports program represents approximately 309 million American residents, which results in 98% coverage of metropolitan statistical areas.