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Is Scottsdale, AZ safe?

Is Scottsdale safe? Listed below are the safest neighborhoods in Scottsdale for 2022. Rankings are based on total crimes per 100,000 people for each neighborhood when compared to the Scottsdale average. Total crimes include both violent crimes (murder, rape, robbery, assault) and property crimes (burglary, theft, vehicle theft). Total crimes include crime data provided by local law enforcement agencies and if not available, could also include estimates based on various demographic data.

Population 12,359
Number of Crimes 978 crimes / 100k people
52% less crime than Scottsdale
Population 123,245
Number of Crimes 1,824 crimes / 100k people
11% less crime than Scottsdale
Population 94,134
Number of Crimes 3,364 crimes / 100k people
63% more crime than Scottsdale