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Best Neighborhoods In Scottsdale, AZ For Families

Moving to a large city like Scottsdale is hard enough, but the stress is multiplied when you are moving with your entire family. We’re here to help you narrow down your search by showing you the best neighborhoods in Scottsdale for families for 2024. The algorithm we used to formulate the rankings includes: median age, families with kids under 18, local amenities (grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, etc.), school test scores/graduation rates, housing affordability and crime rates.

Population 93,834
  • Amenities: A+
  • Education: C+
  • Housing: A+
  • Crime: B-
Median age: 43 Families w/ kids: 29%
Population 134,724
  • Amenities: F
  • Education: A+
  • Housing: A-
  • Crime: A
Median age: 51 Families w/ kids: 35%
Population 14,725
  • Amenities: F
  • Education: A-
  • Housing:
  • Crime: A+
Median age: 61 Families w/ kids: 17%
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