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Best Places To Live In San Diego Country Estates, CA

  • San Diego Country Estates, CA
  • Your matching location
  • Population: 10,547
  • I love living in the San Diego Country Estates! There really is no place else on earth like it. The community is strong, it's like one great big family with a great economy, awesome schools and plenty of…[read more]
Nearby Areas With A High Livability Score81
  • Rancho Penasquitos, San Diego, CA
  • Neighborhood: 19.8mi / 31.8km away
  • Population: 63,341
  • Sabre Springs, San Diego, CA
  • Neighborhood: 17.9mi / 28.8km away
  • Population: 14,559
  • Granite Hills, CA
  • City: 15.8mi / 25.4km away
  • Population: 3,071
  • Del Cerro, San Diego, CA
  • Neighborhood: 22.4mi / 36.0km away
  • Population: 6,238
  • Rancho Bernadino, San Diego, CA
  • Neighborhood: 16.9mi / 27.2km away
  • Population: 44,185
  • San Carlos, San Diego, CA
  • Neighborhood: 21.4mi / 34.5km away
  • Population: 14,460
  • Allied Gardens, San Diego, CA
  • Neighborhood: 22.4mi / 36.1km away
  • Population: 8,906
  • Santee, CA
  • City: 15.7mi / 25.2km away
  • Population: 56,839
  • Having lived in Santee, CA, I can tell you that it's not a tourist town, but there are definitely some great things to do. With only about 53,000 people, the city of Santee has a nice small town feel to…[read more]
  • Julian, CA
  • City: 12.3mi / 19.8km away
  • Population: 1,010
  • La Mesa, CA
  • City: 21.4mi / 34.5km away
  • Population: 59,125
  • I'm a San Diego native and I always enjoyed going to La Mesa, its such a quaint area. Cosmos Cafe is probably my all time favorite coffee shop and I really miss it after moving away from the city. Out of…[read more]
  • Poway, CA
  • City: 13.7mi / 22.0km away
  • Population: 49,675
  • I live in Poway, California, and love it. Poway offers beautiful scenery as well as natural and many fun things to do. One of Poway's biggest attractions is the Old Poway Park. Here, you can see what…[read more]
  • Carmel Mountain, San Diego, CA
  • Neighborhood: 17.1mi / 27.5km away
  • Population: 9,581
  • Lake Murray, San Diego, CA
  • Neighborhood: 19.7mi / 31.8km away
  • Population: 20,476
  • Descanso, CA
  • City: 13.4mi / 21.5km away
  • Population: 1,287
  • Scripps Ranch, San Diego, CA
  • Neighborhood: 17.2mi / 27.7km away
  • Population: 36,364
  • Hidden Meadows, CA
  • City: 24.3mi / 39.0km away
  • Population: 3,648
  • Casa de Oro-Mount Helix, CA
  • City: 20.0mi / 32.1km away
  • Population: 20,137
  • Living in Casa De Oro-Mount Helix is refreshing, it is a very nice area in California. There is a great selection of venues to consider when living in Mount Helix. Mount Helix is a good place for a low…[read more]
  • Spring Valley CDP (Lake County), CA
  • City: 22.2mi / 35.7km away
  • Population: 1,154
  • Talmadge, San Diego, CA
  • Neighborhood: 24.4mi / 39.3km away
  • Population: 9,733
  • Escondido, CA
  • City: 18.7mi / 30.0km away
  • Population: 149,912
  • Ever since the first time I visited California, I had a good impression and after visiting the wonderful city of Escondido I can still say the same! Escondido is a beautiful city which blends modern…[read more]
  • Alpine, CA
  • City: 11.7mi / 18.8km away
  • Population: 15,188
  • If you're looking for the California experience without living smack in the middle of all the craziness, Alpine is just right for you! Living in Alpine means you are close enough to all the action…[read more]
  • Normal Heights, San Diego, CA
  • Neighborhood: 25.6mi / 41.2km away
  • Population: 15,186
  • Winter Gardens, CA
  • City: 14.4mi / 23.1km away
  • Population: 21,255
  • I love the community feel of Winter Gardens California. This is one of the best places to live if your looking to relocate to this state. While being a small town, Winter Gardens is packed full of…[read more]
  • Tierrasanta, San Diego, CA
  • Neighborhood: 20.1mi / 32.4km away
  • Population: 20,893
  • I lived in Tierrasanta for three years. I was always bored. They have a couple grocery stores (and by a couple I literally mean like two), they don't have a mall except little strips of shops next door…[read more]
  • South Park, San Diego, CA
  • Neighborhood: 27.8mi / 44.8km away
  • Population: 4,717
  • Ramona, CA
  • City: 5.8mi / 9.3km away
  • Population: 22,346
  • Ramona is a small city as far as Southern California cities go, having a population just over 20,000. However, you would never know this when visiting because it is located in San Diego county which is a…[read more]
  • Rancho San Diego, CA
  • City: 18.7mi / 30.1km away
  • Population: 22,018
  • A place for peace. A place for prosperity. A place to grow. That should be the motto of this wonderful city of Rancho San Diego. I know many residents will agree when I say that this is one of those…[read more]
  • Grantville, San Diego, CA
  • Neighborhood: 23.3mi / 37.5km away
  • Population: 14,104
  • Darnall, San Diego, CA
  • Neighborhood: 24.1mi / 38.8km away
  • Population: 9,347
  • Rolando, San Diego, CA
  • Neighborhood: 23.1mi / 37.1km away
  • Population: 8,526
  • Harbison Canyon, CA
  • City: 12.9mi / 20.8km away
  • Population: 4,128
  • Lakeside, CA
  • City: 12.5mi / 20.2km away
  • Population: 21,488
  • If you'll be visiting Lakeside soon, you'll find a number of interesting attractions in the area. If you live in Lakeside and are planning for friends to visit, you likely won't have trouble finding fun…[read more]
  • Bostonia, CA
  • City: 15.9mi / 25.6km away
  • Population: 16,295
  • I stayed in Bostonia, CA for a short time period, but while I was here, I truly enjoyed it. I did not even want to leave. The scenery is amazing where ever you go. The diversity here is great, lot's of…[read more]
  • Spring Valley, CA
  • City: 22.2mi / 35.7km away
  • Population: 30,128
  • Just drove La Mesa and Spring Valley. Old, poor street lights, roads sketchy. Saw some cops breaking up a crackhead hang out, turned down a street and noticed some prostitutes. How do I know they were?…[read more]
  • Lemon Grove, CA
  • City: 23.9mi / 38.4km away
  • Population: 26,421
  • Lemon grove has a community feel to it. In keeping to the plethora of local resteraunts/businesses, sprouts, and occasional outing for drinks, i have met a lot of great, friendly and interesting people.…[read more]
  • El Cajon, CA
  • City: 17.5mi / 28.2km away
  • Population: 102,894
  • El Cajon and La Mesa are about a dozen miles east of the Pacific Ocean. Fletcher Hills, in particular, is a community within El Cajon on the boarder of La Mesa/Mt. Helix. This beautiful neighborhood was…[read more]
  • Eucalyptus Hills, CA
  • City: 12.5mi / 20.2km away
  • Population: 5,583
  • Pine Valley, CA
  • City: 19.8mi / 31.9km away
  • Population: 1,912
  • Gateway, San Diego, CA
  • Neighborhood: 27.2mi / 43.7km away
  • Population: 2,657
  • North Hills, San Diego, CA
  • Neighborhood: 26.9mi / 43.3km away
  • Population: 43,221
  • City Heights East, San Diego, CA
  • Neighborhood: 25.4mi / 40.9km away
  • Population: 38,743
  • Mission Bay, San Diego, CA
  • Neighborhood: 21.2mi / 34.2km away
  • Population: 62,292
  • College Area, San Diego, CA
  • Neighborhood: 23.3mi / 37.5km away
  • Population: 21,712
  • Crest, CA
  • City: 15.2mi / 24.4km away
  • Population: 2,733
  • Oak Park, San Diego, CA
  • Neighborhood: 25.1mi / 40.4km away
  • Population: 9,873
  • City Heights West, San Diego, CA
  • Neighborhood: 26.5mi / 42.6km away
  • Population: 31,588
  • Kensington, San Diego, CA
  • Neighborhood: 24.9mi / 40.0km away
  • Population: 6,412
  • Valley Center, CA
  • City: 20.3mi / 32.7km away
  • Population: 9,783
  • El Cerritos, San Diego, CA
  • Neighborhood: 24.2mi / 38.9km away
  • Population: 6,157
  • Webster, San Diego, CA
  • Neighborhood: 26.4mi / 42.5km away
  • Population: 10,383

Listed above are the best places to live in San Diego Country Estates, CA for 2021. The list of best places is compiled using the AreaVibes Livability Score which is calculated from a score out of 100 and based on various categories. These categories include: amenities, cost of living, crime rates, education, employment, housing and weather. Displayed first is the matching location - San Diego Country Estates, CA, followed by the best places to live near San Diego Country Estates, CA, sorted by Livability Score.

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