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Saginaw, MI: Decent Shopping, High Crime

As a native Michigander, I frequently visit the city of Saginaw when I visit another one of my favorite cities named Frankenmuth. I must admit that Saginaw is a pretty dangerous city to live within. It is not the most pleasant city that Michigan has to offer. I felt pretty unsafe walking around Saginaw alone, especially when I would walk to my car at night. It seems to me that Saginaw has a very intense crime problem, which also makes it a place that families should avoid at all costs. I would definitely not recommend living in Saginaw for families. I do not think the schools in the area are very good for children. I think that the violence in the city can be very distracting for families that want their children to do the best they can in school. Living in the city of Saginaw is almost like setting up children for failure for their academic endeavors. It is truly important for kids to feel safe in whatever city the family lives within, and I can guarantee children will not feel safe living in this city. The city does have some nice shopping malls, but aside from that it does not have anything but crime to offer.
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