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Best Places To Live In Phelan, CA

  • Phelan, CA
  • Your matching location
  • Population: 14,503
  • The village of Phelan is small but there are a few eateries and a grocery store and gas so all the essentials are here. It's beautiful up here, most of the homes are on dirt roads with large lots and…[read more]

Nearby Areas With A High Livability Score73
  • Nena, San Bernardino, CA
  • 25.4 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 2,759
  • Glendora, CA
  • 25 miles away (City)
  • Population: 51,285
  • Glendora has to be the fakest city I've ever seen at used to be a small quiet town that cared about the community now it's all about money and parking tickets there are no signs in Glendora at all…[read more]
  • Spring Valley Lake, CA
  • 18 miles away (City)
  • Population: 7,710
  • San Antonio Heights, CA
  • 19.3 miles away (City)
  • Population: 3,099
  • Hudson, San Bernardino, CA
  • 23.1 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 2,974
  • Ridgeline, San Bernardino, CA
  • 23.9 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 930
  • Blair Park, San Bernardino, CA
  • 24 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 1,522
  • Kendall, San Bernardino, CA
  • 21.5 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 3,812
  • Sandin Hills, San Bernardino, CA
  • 24 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 4,922
  • Cimmeron, San Bernardino, CA
  • 21.7 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 1,358
  • Azusa, CA
  • 27.8 miles away (City)
  • Population: 48,498
  • I moved to Azusa, CA from Texas about three years ago. The reason I moved to the area was for a job. I have grown to love the city, and I wouldn't think about moving back to Texas. The people here are…[read more]
  • Muscoy, San Bernardino, CA
  • 22.6 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 10,134
  • Wildwood Park, San Bernardino, CA
  • 23.9 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 3,621
  • Arrowhead, San Bernardino, CA
  • 24.5 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 4,610
  • North Park, San Bernardino, CA
  • 23 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 3,419
  • Hesperia, CA
  • 15.5 miles away (City)
  • Population: 92,664
  • This town is full of fun and memory's you will find yourself having fun at the park or driving around town and having a great time with your family. You will have a blast just watch out for those…[read more]
  • Drnag, San Bernardino, CA
  • 26.1 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 17,378
  • Mountain View Acres, CA
  • 13.8 miles away (City)
  • Population: 3,583
  • Lytle Creek, CA
  • 12.8 miles away (City)
  • Population: 1,019
  • Crestline, CA
  • 20.2 miles away (City)
  • Population: 8,900
  • There is only one doctor's office here, only one grocery store. One 7-11. Very few restaurants, and they are pretty pricey. The doctor's office will not accept you if you only have Medicare. You have to…[read more]
  • Wilson, San Bernardino, CA
  • 25.7 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 3,393
  • Cajon, San Bernardino, CA
  • 23.4 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 4,502
  • Arrowview, San Bernardino, CA
  • 25.2 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 3,311
  • Delman, San Bernardino, CA
  • 24.1 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 2,795
  • Hi-30, San Bernardino, CA
  • 26.1 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 1,663
  • Victorville, CA
  • 17.7 miles away (City)
  • Population: 121,320
  • Recomanded for no one. Do not move here. I use to live in the high desert, 22 years ago or so. Back then it was a nice family type of place to live. Now its a piece of shit place. I regreate coming back…[read more]
  • Belevedere, San Bernardino, CA
  • 27 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 4,334
  • Ne-Sterling, San Bernardino, CA
  • 26.7 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 1,480
  • University, San Bernardino, CA
  • 22.5 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 3,780
  • Wrightwood, CA
  • 6.4 miles away (City)
  • Population: 4,510
  • Yerdemont, San Bernardino, CA
  • 20.1 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 8,709
  • I'm not sure where information came for this area of town but it's incorrect. The area is known as Verdemont (Green Mountain). It's a very calm area of the…[read more]
  • Piñon Hills, CA
  • 3 miles away (City)
  • Population: 6,796
  • Oak Hills, CA
  • 10 miles away (City)
  • Population: 10,101
  • Oak Hills is located in the Mojave Desert, within the boundaries of San Bernardino County. Generally speaking, this town is relatively isolated considering it is located in the middle of a massive…[read more]
  • Lake Los Angeles, CA
  • 19.4 miles away (City)
  • Population: 11,609
  • I have lived in this city for two years. The only thing that amused me was the weather. The sunny weather is incredible. Summer in Los Angeles is a blast! Beaches like the Hopeless Romantic and the…[read more]
  • Muscoy, CA
  • 22.7 miles away (City)
  • Population: 13,025
  • Living in Muscoy, CA has been a great experience. This city is located outside of the Los Angeles, CA, so it is definitely an advantage because my family and I were able to afford affordable housing at…[read more]
  • Adelanto, CA
  • 13.3 miles away (City)
  • Population: 32,311
  • The first thing find out about living in Adelanto, California is that the summer weather is no joke! It isn't uncommon for temperatures to climb into triple digits for several days in a row. While there…[read more]

Listed above are the best places to live in Phelan, CA for 2020. The list of best places is compiled using the AreaVibes Livability Score which is calculated from a score out of 100 and based on various categories. These categories include: amenities, cost of living, crime rates, education, employment, housing and weather. Displayed first is the matching location - Phelan, CA, followed by the best places to live near Phelan, CA, sorted by Livability Score.

To customize the list of best places to live in and around Phelan, CA, you are able to first select the search radius, which is the maximum distance you'd like to search for nearby cities or neighborhoods. Next, you can choose to display cities only, neighborhoods only or both cities and neighborhoods. The population dropdown will allow you to customize the size of the cities that you would like to appear in the list. You can then set the importance of each category based on what's most important to you. Finally, you can set your home/rent budget based on what you're comfortable spending on housing or rent. Once your search preferences have been set, you will have your personalized list of the best places to live in Phelan, CA.

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