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Orland Park, IL - We're Never Leaving

My wife, our two boys and our flamboyant cat moved to Orland Park about five years ago and we couldn't be happier. We feel close enough to the heart of Chicago (which we travel to often for work, family trips and romantic getaways), while taking full advantage of the great school system and the safe, local-community-feel of Orland Park. To us it's a perfect match. We've found that most of the residents in Orland Park have the same goal that my wife I share: raising our family in a clean, middle class community, with a strong education, while commuting into Chicago for work. We've found the community to be active in the school system here and we are happy with their classroom size and teachers. So are the boys. The one gripe I do have about Orland Park is restaurant options. Being a foody at heart I was a little disappointed with the quantity of restaurants around the area. However the restaurants we do have are of good quality! One in particular is Fuji Japanese Steak House. My wife and I enjoy dinning out at Fuji's at least once a month. We find the sushi there to be just as fresh as the higher end sushi restaurants we come across down town. Our picky cat seems to find our leftovers from Fuji's up to his standard as well! (If you only knew...) The bottom line is that my wife and my kids can go on a walk at night in Orland Park and they feel safe and to me that is the benchmark for raising any family. After five years we have really settled into the community and love our lives here. We're never leaving.
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