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New Mexico: The great state

New Mexico is a great state to discover a part of the United States� illustrious history. When you travel to this state, be sure to reside in one of its wonderful accommodations, like one of the comfortable bed and breakfasts. After getting settled, get out a map and enjoy the scenery. You will find a rich culture of Hispanic and Native American life that includes art, cultural events, and festivals. New Mexico also has incredible restaurants, prosperous local businesses, and a vibrant array of unique attractions to visit. One of those exciting places to visit is the Roswell Flying Saucer Crash site. It is the most famous alien crash site in the world.

Not only does New Mexico offer many of the world�s exciting venues, it is a great place to live. Cities like Albuquerque have received many awards, including being one of the best cities to live in the country. They have great schools, crime is low, businesses are doing well, housing is affordable, and the weather is beautiful the majority of the year. What else could you ask for?

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