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Best Places To Live In Newark, NJ

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Newark, NJ: Well Developed Infrastructure

Located along the shore of Newark Bay across from Jersey City, close to the border of New York, the City of Newark, NJ boasts a population approaching 300,000. People relocate to this dynamic community to enjoy proximity to many urban attractions within the Greater New York City Metro Area. While more expensive than many other communities in New Jersey today, Newark offers reduced housing and living costs compared to Manhattan.

Newark today has become an exceedingly diverse community. This urban area attracts a high percentage of immigrants. It encompasses households from across the socioeconomic spectrum. English predominates, although other important languages here include Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic. A well-developed transportation infrastructure enables residents to commute to work in Newark or outlying locations. Public transportation, including bus, taxi and ridesharing services, offer ready access across Newark and its environs. Interstate 95 and Interstate 78 cross through this area. Additionally, Newark serves as an important hub for freight transportation.

The crime rate in Newark exceeds the national average significantly, although this problem has lessened somewhat in recent years. Residents enjoy proximity to a well-developed urban medical and educational infrastructure. Several large insurance companies and telecommunications firm maintain offices in Newark, and numerous businesses conduct operations within the surrounding area. In recent years, the City has frequently served as a shooting location for film and television companies based in the New York Metro Area.

Temperatures in Newark fluctuate from an average high of 39 degrees Fahrenheit during January, the coldest month of the year, to an average high in the mid-80 degree Fahrenheit range during the warmest month, July. This area usually receives over two feet of snow during the winter and frequent spring rains. Residents enjoy a variety of recreational maritime activities along the coast, as well as an extensive network of public parks. Popular attractions and landmarks include the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, the Newark Museum, and the nearby Jonathan Belcher Mansion (in Elizabeth). The community welcomes a variety of seasonal festivals. With ready access to fine dining, entertainment and shopping boutiques, Newark residents can enjoy a very comfortable lifestyle.

The Newark, NJ real estate market offers a great selection of neighborhoods and housing styles across a spectrum of prices. Home buyers can find detached houses, as well as apartments, townhomes, condos and assisted living communities. Listings include both older homes and new construction. In general, spacious properties in well-maintained condition commands the highest resale and rental prices.