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The real truth about Medford OR

As it seems to me that just about everything important (and also boring) that can be said about Medford OR has already been stated, I will add my two cents worth for what I feel is important, and not what has been stated about the place already. I have lived in Medford (aka The Crabs City) for over 8 years and it has some very good things going for it. It is VERY easy to go out and get drunk here, and used pants are really cheep at the VAC and Goodwill (I go though a lot of them as you might guess) and if you mind your own business -don't rob or have sex with someone just because they're laying round passed out drunk or dead) you'll get along with people just fine here. The cops here have a very matter of fact -and safe- way of dealing with the others, (what we and the cops call suburbanites who relocate here but refuse to drink with us, have sex with us or mow they're own damn lawns!) The cops -understandably- go out of their way to avoid those people- or doing ANYTHING for the others at any time! But with the locals, some of which have been drinking with them most of their lives, all I can say is that the locals think Medford cops are tops, and as for me, they have NEVER, not ONCE, bothered me for public intoxication or public pissing, which I think is a really wonderful thing, much better then the cops in Reno NV, because you do not have to have sex with the Medford cops just to be left alone! Medford does have one small downside, Medford is called "The Crabs City" for a reason, I (though no fault of my own) have had them 15 times (and scabies 6 times) so you need to be really careful who your talking-or drinking with- in a public place, because they (the crabs or scabies) jump on you! And even after a bath and going to church (I was not even drinking at the time) I STILL got them (the crabs) as did half the congregation, and they where REALLY mad at me for a time, but they also knew I was a man of God (and that I ALWAYS shared my drink with ANYONE) so I guess they forgave me, they just asked me to stay away for a while. Well, I hope this helps someone who is thinking of moving here, best damn drinking town in the USA!
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safest parts of town to live in I am moving to Medford. Jut got a job there, but have never been there. I don't know anyone so I have been looking on craigslist for apartments or studio apartments and don't know the best neighborhoods, or the worst ones, where I shouldn't be looking, where I should be looking. Can anyone tell me anything about things or areas to avoid? I will be coming to …
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Source: The Medford, OR data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).