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Think twice about living in Longmont cooorado

Did you no that this town has a major drug problem rated highest drug use in the state heroine and meth use out of control crime and homeless is rated highest in the state next to Denver and did you no that a young pregnant woman had a baby cut out of here from answering an ad on craigslist for baby items yes this did happen in Longmont Colorado is this a town that your really want to consider living in Main Street looks like a getto the people are rude and the town is one that I refuse to shop in think twice about living there you can find out more just drive through it and really take a look around before you decide to move your family to Longmont Colorado they have a very large gang problem there Longmont well get a grip on you and it's hard to move away once you live there I consider it the gateway to hell please lbe ware
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A Good Time in Longmont, Colorado

I can definetely say, Longmont, Colorado was a great vacationing spot for myself. Me being a outdoors type of person, I enjoyed the abundant amount of parks that Longmont, Colorado has to offer. Fishing was a blast at The Union Reservoir . I was told that trout, catfish, bass, sunfish, and wiper inhabit the reservoir and that was exciting news for me. The Quail Campus Park was a treat. I was happily suprised by the display of art in the park. It was very new age and the pieces of art that were on display were beautiful. The shopping scene in Longmont isn't anything over the top. I was able to find my usual everyday hygiene products at the local Target and Walmart. I do recommend shopping at Barbed Wire Books in the city of Longmont. They have low prices on tons of books an magazines, new and used. I found the Jerry Seinfield's autobiography book that I've been looking so hard to find at a beyond reasonable price. For my breakfast and lunch selections in Longmont, Le Peep was a excellent choice. The eggs were always cooked perfectly and the bacon wasn't undercooked or overcooked like alot of restaurants tend to do. The Pumphouse Brewery and Restaurant caught my attention for my first dinner during my stay in Longmont and it surely won my heart. The beer was very smoothe, and me being a novice beer drinker enjoyed the different qualitites of beer they offer. I indulged on their scrumptous Salmon dish on an outside balcony in the midst of a nice summer breeze. The atmosphere was very vibrant and lively. People playing pool, enjoying a beer watching games on flat screen TVs, I must say I enjoyed myself very much. Longmont, Colorado is a destination of good times and great memories. I hope to go back soon!
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