Top 10 Most Affordable Places To Live In the USA

Finding a great place to live can be a difficult task. Finding a great place that is also affordable can be enough to make you want to pull your hair out! For many people, the number one priority is finding a community that won't break the bank. These low cost communities with a population over 100,000 offer something that's increasingly special in the world today. They're a great place to relax, spend time outdoors and raise a family at the same time. Raising a family and enjoying one's leisure time is easier when residents aren't worried about paying for food, property taxes, utility costs and housing. These communities make it easy to balance work, family life and still have enough money to save for retirement.

1. Laredo, TX (Cost of living index: 77/100)
Laredo, TX photo

Laredo earns a top spot on the list of most affordable cities for many reasons. For one thing, the cost of living is more than twenty percent lower than in the rest of the nation. Another reason why many people choose to come here is because it has many fantastic amenities. With a compact and highly walkable downtown area, it's easy to get around and explore the children's museum or shop for dinner at the Old Mercado. The vibrant community life also means lots of support for children and lots of things to do with family and friends in public. Over a dozen parks dot the landscape here. With a mild climate nearly all year long, it's easy to grab a bike or take a walk in a public space.

2. McAllen, TX (Cost of living index: 77/100)
McAllen, TX photo

McAllen, TX is another place that allows residents a high quality of life without the need to spend a lots of money. The median home value is roughly eighteen percent lower than other communities in Texas. This means that the average homeowner or renter gets a lot pf space without the need to spend a lot on housing costs. The city's nearly one hundred and fifty thousand residents find it easy to find employment or start a business of their own. Easy access to several highways in the region mean that goods can get shipped in and out quickly. Several low cost supermarkets are found here, making it easy to save money on food costs. Places like South Texas College also make it easy to find low cost entertainment options.

3. Brownsville, TX (Cost of living index: 78/100)
Brownsville, TX photo

Those in search of inexpensive homes should definitely have this one on their most affordable places list. This community of over a hundred thousand has housing costs that are over forty percent lower than the surrounding areas. When not relaxing at home with family, there's a great many low cost things to do around here. It's a short trip to the shore area with lots of public beaches and plenty of miles right for walks all year long in this area's mild climate. Many major retailers make their home here, decreasing the cost of staple goods.

4. Wichita Falls, TX (Cost of living index: 78/100)
Wichita Falls, TX photo

Combining small town living with bigger city charm, Wichita Falls is one place that lets residents enjoy all life has to offer. The cost of living in town is a full fourteen percent lower than in the rest of the state and twenty-two percent lower than the nation. Large, elegant homes are a feature of this community but at much lower cost than many other communities. Transportation and the cost of groceries are also much lower. This makes it easy to set aside funds to appreciate the many delights of the River Bend Nature Center or the scenic Wee Chi Ta Mountain Bike Trail.

5. Akron, OH (Cost of living index: 81/100)
Akron, OH photo

Historic Akron lies in the center of Ohio. One of the most affordable communities in Ohio and the United States, there's lots of housing options for any budget. The cost of living in this community is also a full eleven percent lower than in the rest of the state. There's a zoo and an art museum as well as Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens where flowers can be seen in bloom for much of the year. Plentiful Akron public transit options make it easy to leave the car at home and get to work and back with ease.

6. Birmingham, AL (Cost of living index: 82/100)
Birmingham, AL photo

Birmingham is a city on the rise. It's also a city that invites people to come and stay here long term. With a mild climate, far lower than average regional housing costs and very easy access to many other parts of the beautiful south, it's also a place where people can settle in for many years, raise a family and spend time in the greater community at large on weekends. In the summer, it's easy to relax at a public pool or beautiful local lake. During the rest of the year, spend time outdoors as well in a public park. The cost of living in Birmingham is eighteen percent lower than the rest of America.

7. Macon-Bibb County, GA (Cost of living index: 84/100)
Macon-Bibb County, GA photo

One of the most inexpensive areas of Georgia, Macon-Bibb country remains a haven for those in search of the good life without spending a lot of money. Median housing prices here are much cheaper than in the rest of the state. The overall cost of living is also much lower. Stroll Central City park along the river. Several regional museums and the local Mercer University have inexpensive things to do at night and on weekends. The close knit community comes together for festivals all year long. Ample highways and public transit also make it easy to get around quickly.

8. Detroit, MI (Cost of living index: 80/100)
Detroit, MI photo

More than half a million people choose to make their homes here. They do so because the city offers low cost housing options, ease of access to nearby Canada and lots of cheap and amazing things to do during any season. Housing costs are much lower than in the rest of Michigan and the country as a whole. It's a major America city that also offers a lower cost of living at the same time. From dozens of low cost museums to access to the river area, this is an easy and safe place to raise a family.

9. Dayton, OH (Cost of living index: 83/100)
Dayton, OH photo

Small, peaceful and very prosperous, Dayton is one of America's notable treasures for all those who are in search of a laid back place to put down family roots in the heart of the country. Offering lots of low cost housing as well as a much lower overall cost of living than the rest of the state, Dayton is American small city life in a central location. The brisk, four season climate offers lots of opportunities to get outside without spending lots of money while museums and the thriving downtown area brings people here again and again.

10. Waco, TX (Cost of living index: 85/100)
Waco, TX photo

Situated next to adjacent Lake Waco, Waco is one Texas city that has much to offer residents. The cost of living here is a full seven percent lower than in the rest of the state and fifteen percent lower than the national average. Homeowners looking for inexpensive housing of all kinds can find it in the center of town and across the entire region as well. The Waco Downtown Farmer's Market is a great place to grab fresh ingredients and make lots of wonderful home cooked meals.

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