Top 10 Dog Breeds For Renters

Many pet owners consider their dog to be a part of their family, which means that where ever they move to, their furry family member goes with them. This can sometimes be problematic when moving to a smaller space, or one with common areas like a lobby, elevators or a shared backyard.

Of course, if you already have a pooch then you will want to consider the size of your new home beforehand, being sure to find something suitable for your beloved dog. If you are thinking about getting a dog, than there are a few things to consider before getting a breed that my not adapt well to an apartment setting. Size, noisiness, energy level and friendliness are all things to consider.

Taking all things into consideration, these are the top 10 dog breeds for renters.

    1. French Bulldog

    These affectionate dogs make fantastic companions and are a fantastic breed for an apartment. They are friendly, quiet and low energy dogs, needing only one walk per day. In addition to these great characteristics, they are also fairly small, weighting between 6 and 13 pounds. They are also great watchdogs, as they rarely bark without a good reason.

    The French Bulldog is easy to train, great with kids and extremely friendly not only with people, but also with other dogs. In terms of grooming, their short hair means that they are easy to groom and have minimal shedding. The only downside to having a French Bulldog is that they do not like to be alone for long, so if you are a workaholic, this is not the breed for you.

    2. Yorkshire Terrier

    Referred to by many as a Yorkie, the Yorkshire Terrier is an affectionate dog that loves cuddling on laps and laying on pillows. They also don’t need much exercise and actually dislike going out in cold or wet weather. If you don’t mind using training mats, a litter box or a covered potty on the balcony, than a Yorkie is a great breed for renters. When taking them for a walk, they need protection, as they are fine-boned and small, but bossy.

    Yorkies are affectionate dogs that are also quite energetic. But they are small enough that they can easily be exercised indoors. They are also quite low-maintenance, with minimal shedding, which means you won’t be constantly finding hair everywhere. The biggest obstacle will be their yapiness, however with good training and socialization from a young age this can be brought to a minimum.

    3. Pug

    The Pug is a playful, loyal breed that was originally bred to be a lap dog. This makes them great apartment dogs, as does their laziness. They are perfectly happy to lay around all day, but when they do go out they will want to have lots of time to explore. Another great thing about the Pug is that they are generally quite quiet, so you don’t have to worry about them upsetting any neighbours.

    The size, loyalty and even-temper of the Pug makes them great for a small sized apartment. Plus, they are very adaptable, meaning they are great if you have or want to get any more pets. Pugs are great with people of all ages, making them excellent family dogs. They are just overall a great breed to be around.

    4. Greyhound

    Although the Greyhound is a muscular dog that is built for speed, it is also a mellow dog that makes for a great pet. Don’t be fooled by their size or weight, as the Greyhound is a gentle dog and a fine breed for renters. They are smart and easy to train, as well as being extremely independent. They are great with children, but prefer to be the only pet in a home.

    Despite their reputation as race dogs, Greyhounds actually need little exercise other than around 30 minutes each day. A dog park is the perfect place for this, where you can let him/her off-leash to run around for a bit. They are also quiet dogs that rarely bark or snore and are perfectly happy to just lay on the couch all day.

    5. Shih Tzu

    The Shih Tzu is a happy breed with a large personality, especially for something so small. Their size and sweet-natured temperament make them a top breed for renters. They are extremely friendly, not only with people, but also with other animals, so they are great in apartments with more than one pet. They also do not need much exercise, with a few short walks a day being enough.

    The problem with the Shih Tzu is that they have a high tendency to bark. Still, they are easy to train and as long as they get enough attention from you, they will be eager to please. They also require a lot of grooming due to their long coat. Many people put a clip in their hair to keep it out of their eyes, or trim their face to a short length.

    6. Great Dane

    This is probably the last breed that you think would do well in an apartment for the sheer size of them alone. But the Great Dane makes for an excellent apartment pet, as they actually like small spaces. They are also very lazy and love nothing more than to lay on the couch all day. The biggest concern will be that the couch is big enough!

    The Great Dane is a quiet breed, which will please your neighbours. They are patient dogs that are fine when left alone, although extremely affectionate when you are home with them. They only need around 40 minutes of exercise a day, with a walk being enough to keep them happy. One thing to consider before getting a Great Dane is the cost to have this gentle giant, as they eat quite a lot of food.

    7. Miniature Pinscher

    The Miniature Pinscher is a sleek, elegant dog that thinks it is a large breed. This can make having one around quite entertaining, especially when it meets other dogs. Don’t let its size fool you, as a Miniature Pinscher is an energetic dog that will need around 40 minutes of exercise a day. They are not called the ‘king of toys’ for nothing, and as long as they have plenty to play with they will be happy.

    A negative of this breed is that they do bark, but this can be moderated with training at a young age. This also makes them good watchdogs, as does their feisty attitude. Still, they do not grow much taller than 11 inches or 10 pounds, so they are great in small spaces.

    8. Basenji

    Do you love both cats and dogs but can’t imagine having both? The best solution is a Basenji. This breed is a hound dog with cat-like tendencies mixed in one. They groom themselves and climb to high places, but are extremely loyal. They are very affectionate to family members, but wary of strangers. The Basenji is also very protective, although they don’t bark. Ever, as they are unable to. Instead, they yodel.

    Exercise is important for a Basenji, so unless you can give him/her at least 1 hour a day than this is not the breed for you. If you can, the Basenji makes for a great companion. Plus, the fact that they groom themselves is an added bonus. They are smart and easy to train, but they are not great with other animals, meaning they should be in a one-pet household.

    9. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

    This sensitive breed loves to be around people, but are mild-mannered dogs. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel are the perfect breed for all; families, empty nesters or singles’ and are affectionate to all humans. They are playful, yet gentle, and don’t need more than 30 minutes of exercise a day. This could be a walk around the block or playtime in the park.

    Some might find that keeping the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s coat shiny is a bit of a nuisance if they do not have the time to put in. But if you brush its coat weekly and have him/her trimmed periodically, your pooch will stay beautiful and happy. Its affection and need to snuggle will more than make up for it.

    10. Havanese

    Originally bred as companion dogs, the Havanese is an extremely friendly and affectionate breed. They are quite small, weighing a maximum of 13 pounds, making them great for renters. They are also pretty quiet, although they do bark at passersby. Still, they are people-oriented and enjoy cuddling next to you or even in your lap.

    Havanese are extremely energetic, so they will want to go on a few walks a day. They are also very playful, but a walk and playtime in the park can easily be combined and will satisfy your Havanese. They are not great at being alone and could suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for too long. But this should not discourage you from getting a Havanese, especially if you work from home.

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