Street Safety For Kids And Teenagers

Street safety is about more than just teaching children to look both ways before crossing the street. Kids and teenagers should be able to go outside and play in a safe environment. However, a big part of that safety comes from knowing how to be street smart. There are many potential dangers when playing outside and in the streets, but teaching kids the basics of street safety like obeying street signals, avoiding strangers, play safety and finding/creating "safe spots" can go a long way in preserving the safety of our children.

Street Safety

One of the most dangerous aspects of outdoor play is cars. Teaching children the fundamental basics of street safety, basic road rules and how to obey street signals is vital from a young age. It has been said that kids under the age of 10 cannot correctly judge the speed and distance of approaching cars. Teenagers are even more vulnerable to street related injuries and account for more than half of all child pedestrian injuries in the past five years.

Avoiding Strangers and Unsafe Places

"Don't talk to strangers" has a been a rule long engrained in our minds for generations now and for kids, it's still a good rule. A big part of being street smart means knowing how to remain safe when confronted by strangers, either alone or with other children.

Games and Bicycle Safety

It's a beautiful day, so naturally kids and teens will want to go outside and play. This might involve taking the bike out for a ride, playing road hockey, hide and seek, throwing the football around or playing hopscotch. Regardless of what games kids are playing, it's important they recognize the dangers that go with playing near the street.

Safe Spots For Children

Safe spots are places children can go if they feel like they need help or are frightened by a stranger. Safe spots include restaurants, homes of family or friends, police stations, libraries and so on. These safe spots are everywhere, but it's important that children are taught how to find them.

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