Fire Safety for Kids

It's vitally important to teach kids how to prevent fires in the home and how to react if they are involved in a fire. Knowing fire safety rules ahead of time could save a child's life. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, fire-related deaths have decreased over the last few years. Continuing to teach fire safety to children will help ensure that this trend continues. The tools and resources listed below all come from trusted organizations and are free to use in your home or classroom.

Fire Safety Resources for Young Children

It's best to introduce kids to the concept of fire safety as early as possible. From a very young age, kids should understand that fire can be very dangerous and that certain hazardous objects (matches, range tops, etc.) are off-limits and not to be touched. The materials in this section will give you plenty of ways to get small children started on understanding fire danger, fire safety rules, and what to do in an emergency.

  • Sprout Kids Fire Safety Videos - Beloved children's TV network Sprout has a collection of fun videos about fire safety geared to the preschool-age crowd. Kids will love watching their favorite characters perform songs and skits about what to do in case of fire.
  • Fire Prevention With Sparky - is a non-profit site where young kids can learn about fire prevention and fire safety. Little ones can join Sparky the Fire Dog as they explore the topic through games, puzzles, printable coloring pages, and more.
  • Danger Rangers Fire Safety for Kids - The Danger Rangers are a group of animated animals who are passionate about empowering kids in fun ways. This page has fire safety games, songs, and videos for kids to browse through, as well as a list of links to additional resources.
Fire Safety for Older Kids

As kids get older, they can take a more active role in helping to prevent fires in the home. Older kids are still eager to learn, but it can be a challenge to hold their interest for long. The resources listed here all come from reputable sources and offer sound information for kids, teens, and parents - and do so in a way that's engaging for everyone.

  • Fire Prevention Videos from CMU - These videos, from Carnegie Mellon University's Department of Environmental Health and Safety, demonstrate different types of fires and methods of extinguishing them. The videos make great reference materials for kids and teens studying fire safety.
  • OU Kidsafe - Kids and teens can follow along with this interactive Q&A session from the University of Oklahoma to help them remember exactly what to do if a fire happens.
  • Fire Safety for Kids - offers this free resource page for parents. It's full of useful tips you can use to make sure your children are prepared.
  • NFPA Fire Safety Pages - National Fire Prevention Association works to spread the word about how to prevent fires and how to stay safe during a fire. The site utilizes videos, articles, lessons, games, and plenty more creative ways to get the message across.
Fire Safety Videos

Videos make a great addition to lessons about fire safety, since nothing's quite like actually seeing something for yourself. The videos listed here are safe for your kids to watch by themselves, but it's always best to discuss them as a family to address any questions they may have and to make sure they understood the material clearly.

  • The Checklist - This silly, yet effective animated video was created for Fire Prevention Week in 2008 and is still a viewer favorite. In it, Dan Doofus takes viewers through a point-by-point home fire prevention checklist.
  • The Friendly Fireman - In this video, The Friendly Fireman tells kids all his best fire safety tips. This real-life firefighter proves an engaging speaker - and kids of all ages almost always want to stop and listen to what he has to say.
  • Fire Safety Song for Kids - In this short but well made video, you'll hear a rather catchy song that teaches kids what to do if they are involved in a fire. This works well since memorizing songs is one of the most effective ways young kids learn new concepts - just think about the ABCs!
  • Super Smart Fire Safety Rules for Kids - This fun 7-minute video is hosted by a kid and features a real firefighter along with a colorful puppet sidekick. The high quality public safety video is a good pick for kids of all ages and would work in a home or classroom setting.
More Fire Safety Resources for Kids, Parents, and Teachers

Keep reading to find more places to go for free fire safety teaching materials. All of these sites are run by reputable organizations and offer the very latest information, tips, and techniques to help you educate children about fire prevention and fire safety.

  • U.S. Fire Admimistration Kids' Pages - On this page, hosted by FEMA, you'll find links and downloads to all kinds of comprehensive information about fire safety - from accurate statistics to fun learning games.
  • Scholastic Fire Safety Resource Center - Time-honored educational materials provider Scholastic has an excellent set of resources for parents and teachers looking to engage school-age children in fire safety education. Here you'll find tons of free materials, ideas, and interactive lessons.
  • Smokey The Bear Kids' Pages - To teach kids about wildfire safety and prevention, look no further than Smokey the Bear. The long-running U.S. Forest Service campaign has endured into the digital age and the nicely designed "Smokey" site offers interactive games, tutorials, quizzes, and more.
  • Red Cross Home Fire Safety Guide - The American Red Cross has a fantastic resource page for parents and teachers alike with tons of information and downloads available for free. There are fact sheets, family evacuation plans, and lots of other useful documents that you can print out and use.

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