Neighborhood Safety for Kids

Kids should be able to go outside and enjoy their neighborhoods - but not without knowing how to stay safe. Even in the safest cities in america, dangers exist. From being aware of strangers and other dangerous activities to learning how to stay safe while riding bikes and playing outside, kids must stay alert and understand what it takes to stay safe. Parents can help kids stay safe by going over basic rules and safety tips, as well as helping them get to know the ins and outs of their neighborhood.

Learning the Neighborhood

One of the first steps to neighborhood safety is learning the neighborhood. Who are your neighbors? Where is it okay for kids to play? What do kids need to watch out for? When kids are familiar with their neighborhood, they not only feel safer, but they notice when things do not seem right and know what to do when problems arise.

Neighborhood Violence and Crime

Unfortunately, not all neighborhoods are crime free. However, through neighborhood watch programs and diligent neighbors, communities can effectively prevent violence and crime in their neighborhoods. Kids can do their part too by watching out for crime and learning what to do when they see something that doesn't seem right.

Playground Safety

The neighborhood playground is often a favorite place to hangout, but it can also be a dangerous place. Before playing, kids and parents should make sure the playground is safe to play on. If it is, kids should learn how to use the playground safely and avoid unpleasant trips to the emergency room.

Bike and Traffic Safety

Getting out and enjoying the neighborhood with their friends is important for kids. Whether walking or riding a bike, kids should know the rules and follow procedures to keep them from getting hurt. Adults in the neighborhood also need to be alert and take precautions to help keep all of the kids in the neighborhood safe.

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