Connecticut Historical Resource Guide

One of the 13 original U.S. Colonies, Connecticut is rich with history and culture. Established as a state in 1788, modern-day Connecticut retains its colonial heritage while offering all the art, fine dining, and nightlife of a sophisticated city. True to its revolutionary roots, Connecticut is a hub of innovation and many important inventions, ideas, and texts have come out of the state. The Constitution State sits on diversely beautiful country, with stunning New England coastline on one side and tranquil rolling hills on the other. Get to know this wonderful state for all of its beauty, history, and heritage. The resources gathered on this page will help you to explore the many interesting facets of Connecticut's story.

Connecticut Facts and Stats

As a first step in your journey through Connecticut's history, check out the facts, statistics, and catalogues made available through the following sites. It will be especially helpful to pay them a visit if you're looking for Connecticut's vital statistics, important points in history, or interesting trivia. All are free to use and you can trust the information they contain.

  • Connecticut Quick Facts - For statistical information, this is the place to go. Get at-a-glance data for things like population and demographics, rate of homeownership, and lots more.
  • Connecticut Historical Society - The historical society functions to preserve and share all of Connecticut's relevant historical artifacts. They are ready to help anyone interested in finding out more about the state's heritage.
  • A History of Connecticut - The History Channel has a page on Connecticut's history in the context of American independence. You can click around to learn about other U.S. states, too.
  • LOC Connecticut Page - The Library of Congress, as part of it's "America's Story" series, keeps a collection of stories about each state. On the Connecticut page, you'll find several local tales including one about America's first hamburger and another exploring the Hartford Jazz Festival.
Connecticut Genealogical Resources

It's not surprising that many people find their way to Connecticut when researching family history. As one of the original colonial settlements, many of the first American families lived in or around the state. A lot of the people in the U.S. today can trace their own roots back to the area. Peer into the past and fill in the blanks on your family tree with the help of the following resources. All are free to use, although some offer access to more extensive documents for a fee.

  • Connecticut Genealogy - Here's another good site to check if you're tracing your family's Connecticut connections. On it you'll find links to helpful data like census records.
  • Connecticut Genealogy from Family Search - Try the Connecticut resource page from, which houses data from the LDS church's Family History Library. The library is the most extensive genealogy database in the world.
  • Connecticut Cemetery Search - is a huge index of all the cemeteries in the United States. If you're looking for your late Connecticut kin, a search of local graves and burial sites is a good place to start. Search by name or browse through listings for each cemetery.
More Connecticut Culture and History

Whether you're tracing genealogy, doing research for a report, preparing for a trip, or relocating to the state these sites and pages will help immensely. Find all of the best things to do and see in the Connecticut, or get at-a-glance access to all the most comprehensive state historical resources. Each of the following is a trusted resource with accurate, up-to-date, and helpful information.

  • Connecticut History Online - This site is a gem for the history buff. It serves as an archive for articles, photographs, and other texts relevant to Connecticut history. This is also a great resource for anyone tasked with writing a report about Connecticut.
  • Connecticut Culture and Tourism Pages - This site comes from the Connecticut state government and it's full information for tourists. Find statistics like population and crime rates, or connect with the vibrant local arts community.
  • CT Visit - This site is all about visiting Connecticut. There are handy pointers regarding local culture along with all kinds of dining, entertainment, and nightlife listings so that you won't be bored for a second during your stay.
Connecticut History for Kids

Depending on their age, it can be tough to get kids excited about history. That's why it's important to let kids explore it in ways that are exciting and engaging. When kids learn this way, they are far more likely to continue their interest into adulthood. Children are the ones who will eventually take our places, and it's important to instill in them an appreciation for studying history and preserving culture. Legacies can only be carried on if they are passed down to the next generation. The following sites and pages offer some ways for kids to learn about Connecticut on their terms. No dusty textbooks here, just deceptively fun lessons in the rich history of one of our nation's greatest states.

  • ConneCT Kids - ConneCT's kids page is filled with lots of fun ways for kids explore Connecticut and its history. There are games, puzzles, quizzes, and lots of other exciting ways to learn about the state.
  • Colonial Connecticut - This page about Connecticut's colonial history was written just for kids. Important dates, significant citizens, and historical events are all recounted in easy-to-read sections, complete with pictures and relevant links.
  • Connecticut Government Pages - Look through the official website of the Connecticut state government to connect with the various departments and agencies, find out about commerce in Connecticut, and much more.

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