Affordable Housing In New York, NY

No city in the world provides the amenities and culture found in the Big Apple. Along with the food, theater, museums, and educational opportunities comes a high cost of living, especially for those buying a home. If one is not careful, the city that never sleeps will make sure that you never sleep trying to make ends meet. What good is access to the best activities the world has to offer if you are stuck penniless after paying rent?

Real estate in the Big Apple is some of the most expensive in the world, but there are some neighborhoods that won't drain your bank account. These lovely areas provide homeowners with the same opportunities every other New Yorker enjoys, while leaving you the scratch to actually take part in the fun! Worry not, prospective home owner, here are the top five neighborhoods featuring affordable housing in New York.

1. Hunts Point
Median Home Price: $253,144

Located in South Bronx, Hunts Point has a median home price of $253,144. Compared to the median price of $501,500 city-wide and an average of more than $1,000,000 in most of Manhattan, Hunts Point boasts a midpoint home price that is an eye-popping fifty percent less than all of NYC. A major selling point for this neighborhood includes relatively low commute times by car: 25 minutes to Manhattan and 35 minutes to Brooklyn. These commute times also give Hunts Point a boost when compared to some other neighborhoods. The entertainment and culture New York is famous for--Broadway, Yankee games, Lincoln Center--are all at your fingertips. Hunts Point boasts the largest food coop in the world, twenty neighborhood parks, and a diverse food culture. Overall, Hunts Point provides access to all that New York has to offer at a fraction of the price!

2. Bedford Park
Median Home Price: $277,064

On the opposite side of the Bronx from Hunts Point lies Bedford Park. The median housing price here is still 45% less than the median for New York City as a whole, coming in at $277,064. Bedford Park has a similarly short commute to Manhattan, around 30 minutes by car. Bedford Park is a quieter section of the Bronx. It has the atmosphere of a more tight-knit community rather than the concrete jungle feel of other parts of the borough. In addition to the variety of green spaces, Bedford Park borders the Bronx Botanical Garden, placing tranquility just a quick stroll away. Bedford Park is home to the Educational Mile, a string of scholastic institutions including the highly rated Bronx Science magnet school and Lehman College.

3. Kingsbridge
Median Home Price: $289,942

Another area of The Bronx, Kingsbridge also features affordable housing while maintaining close access to the best the city has to offer, as its connected to Manhattan by 9th Avenue. The median home price is still over 40% less expensive than the median price throughout the five boroughs, coming in at $289,942. As with the other affordable areas of The Big Apple, Kingsbridge is home to housing that puts the world's cultural center at the resident's fingertips. Like Bedford Park, Kingsbridge borders a major green space, Van Cortlandt Park. Unlike it's fellow Bronx neighborhood, its retreat from the city includes a public golf course. In addition, like most New York neighborhoods, Kingsbridge has many other parks scattered throughout as well. In the adjacent neighborhood of Riverdale resides a unique attraction, Gaelic Park. This park contains a stadium that plays host to European sports such as Rugby and a dance hall where concerts are played.

4. Country Club
Median Home Price: $301,859

Country Club has a more residential feel when compared to the more urban neighborhoods on this list. It is also the most affluent of the five. It's median home price barely reaches above the $300,000 mark at $301,855. Of the five most affordable New York City neighborhoods, all of which are located in the Bronx, it is the only one located on the east side of the Bronx River. Despite this, the commute to Manhattan and Brooklyn are similar to the other neighborhoods, around twenty to thirty minutes by car. Like all Bronx neighborhoods, access to the borough's parks is quick and easy. But due to its location, Country Club is not only close to the Bronx Zoo and the Botanical Gardens, it also has the closest proximity to Pelham Bay Park, which is much larger in area than the pride of Manhattan, Central Park. Pelham Bay offers horseback riding, two golf courses and other activities. A long shoreline is another nice perk for home buyers in Country Club, as residents have the quickest access to the beach in the city. Its proximity to the coast also gives many homes beautiful views of the water. Some homes even feature private dock access. Beach clubs, a rarity in any urban setting, contribute to Country Club's uniqueness among New York neighborhoods.

5. High Bridge
Median Home Price: $387,860

Back to the West Bronx for the fifth most affordable home buying in New York City, located in High Bridge. At $387,860, its median home price is the most expensive on this list, but still around $200,000 less expensive than the median home price for the rest of the city. High Bridge features a mix of low rise apartment buildings and townhouses. Its proximity to Yankee Stadium and the surrounding restaurants and taverns is a nice amenity for residents. Of the five neighborhoods listed here, it features the quickest commute to Manhattan for car owners at a shade over twenty minutes. One interesting aspect of high bridge is its hilly terrain. Many of the streets are connected by stone staircases. The prevalence of these gives the community a unique character. Also unique to the neighborhood is its namesake, High Bridge, a pedestrian walkway over the Harlem River that connects the Bronx to Washington Heights, Manhattan. Over the water lies High Bridge Park, which features the only mountain bike trails in all of New York City.

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