Total crime NAT. AVG.
Violent crime NAT. AVG.
Property crime NAT. AVG.
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Date & Last Updated: This data reflects the 2022 calendar year and was released from the FBI in September, 2023; this is the most current data available.
StatisticReportedincidents/100k peopleKalamazoo/100k peopleMichigan/100k peopleNational/100k people
Total crime4,382n/a (estimate)6,0181,9982,324
Violent crime1,104n/a (estimate)1,516461370
Vehicle theft394n/a541.1267.2282.7
Property crime3,278n/a (estimate)4,5021,5371,954

An Overview of Crime Rates in Kalamazoo, MI

Crime can be categorized into two primary types: violent and property crimes. Violent crimes encompass offenses such as murder, rape, robbery, and assault, whereas property crimes involve acts like burglary, theft, and vehicle theft. The overall crime rate in Kalamazoo is 159% higher than the national average. Specifically, there were 1104 violent crimes reported in Kalamazoo, equivalent to 1516 per 100,000 residents, which is higher than the national average by 310%. Additionally, Kalamazoo recorded 3278 property crimes, amounting to 4502 per 100,000 people, higher than the national average by 130.4%.

With a total of 6018 crimes per 100,000 people, the Kalamazoo crime rates stand at 158.95 higher than the national average. Consequently, the area grapples with one of the nation's highest total crime rates. Addressing this challenge is crucial for enhancing the safety and livability in Kalamazoo, making it a priority to reduce crime through community engagement, effective law enforcement, and collaborative efforts to secure a better future for residents and prospective residents.

Kalamazoo has gained notoriety as one of the most dangerous cities in the United States, given its alarming violent crime rate of 1516 crimes per 100,000 people. In fact, Kalamazoo falls within the lowest 10% among cities reporting violent crimes last year, resulting in a concerning 1 in 66 likelihood of experiencing a violent crime. It's important to note that safety levels may vary across different areas within the city, and this statistic doesn't necessarily reflect the entire city's situation regarding violent crime.

Although the murder rates in America have decreased steadily since 1990, over the last few years there has been an uptick. Kalamazoo has one of the highest murder rates in the country when compared to all other cities that reported crime in the U.S. There were a total of 10 murders in Kalamazoo, which is 14 murders per 100,000 people.

Kalamazoo has some of the highest property crime rates in the country with 4502 crimes per 100,000 people - this ranks in the bottom 10% of all American cities that reported crime. Your chance of being a victim of property crime in Kalamazoo is 1 in 23, which is far higher than the national average.

The occurrence of vehicle thefts has been increasing nationwide, and Kalamazoo faces one of the highest vehicle theft rates in the United States. In the latest reported crime year, there were a reported 394 vehicle thefts, translating to 541 stolen vehicles per 100,000 residents. This places Kalamazoo in the bottom 10% among all cities, signifying that 90% of cities have less stolen vehicles. The likelihood of experiencing a vehicle theft is 1 in 185.

What Do the Locals Say About Crime in Kalamazoo?

AreaVibes conducted surveys inquiring about the safety perception of Kalamazoo residents. Out of the respondents (119 in total), 14% expressed a strong sense of security, believing that crime rates in Kalamazoo were low, and they felt comfortable walking alone at night. Conversely, 86% held a contrasting viewpoint, expressing concerns about safety in the area and feeling uncomfortable walking alone during the nighttime hours.

Is Kalamazoo a Safe Place to Live?

Before you decide to relocate, it’s always good to ask yourself “Is Kalamazoo a safe place to live?” Although the answer might not be that simple, as some areas are safer than others, getting a good feel for the overall rate of crime can definitely be helpful. Overall, the Kalamazoo crime rate is 159% higher than the national average. If we break that down daily, that translates into 12.01 crimes per day - 3.02 violent crimes and 8.98 property crimes.

Has Crime in Kalamazoo Increased Since Last Year?

Examining year-over-year crime data provides insights into short-term trends with regards to the crime activity in Kalamazoo. This analysis involves comparing crime rates from one year to the next, enabling the identification of patterns and fluctuations in crime. Such information proves invaluable to residents seeking to make well-informed decisions about their choice of residence. In the most recent year, compared to the previous one, total crime in Kalamazoo has decreased by 5.7%. Specifically, violent crime has decreased by 8.8%, while property crime has decreased by 4.6%. This data empowers individuals with a clearer understanding of the evolving safety landscape in Kalamazoo.

Kalamazoo Neighborhood Crime Rates

There are more than 21 different neighborhoods in the Kalamazoo area. Depending on their location and other socioeconomic factors, the rate of crime in each neighborhood is vastly different. Areas that are located near the center or downtown core, tend to be more densely populated and typically see higher crime rates. While neighborhoods in the outskirts of the city tend to be less densely populated and have lower unemployment and poverty rates. Some of the safer neighborhoods in Kalamazoo include West Main Hill, W Mu-Krph and Parkview Hills. While West Douglas, Northside and Edison have a reported crime rate that is higher than average. This reinforces the need to do a quality check on multiple neighborhoods as their crime rates can be quite different.

Potential Causes for Crime in Kalamazoo

High population density areas are often large urban centers with diverse economic opportunities. These areas can exacerbate income inequality, with pockets of poverty existing alongside affluence. Areas with economic disparities may experience higher property crimes and, in some cases, violent crimes. On the other hand, areas with low population density tend to see lower Kalamazoo crime rates. The population density in Kalamazoo is 3082.1 people per square mile, while the national average is 90.6 people per square mile.

The impact of law enforcement and community policing efforts plays a crucial role in shaping crime rates in any city. A robust and cooperative bond between law enforcement and the community can serve as a deterrent to criminal activities, enhancing overall safety. In Kalamazoo, the ratio of police officers and civilians per 1,000 residents stands at 3.42, differing from the national average of 3.25. Effective law enforcement hinges not solely on officer numbers but also on the manner in which they interact and collaborate with the community. Building trust and cooperation are central tenets of community policing, amplifying its influence on crime prevention.

Elevated rental costs can generate economic strain for both individuals and families, particularly those with restricted financial means. When a substantial proportion of one's income is allocated to housing costs, it often leaves limited resources for fulfilling other crucial necessities such as groceries, healthcare and education. This financial pressure can fuel desperation, potentially prompting individuals to resort to criminal actions, including theft or fraud, as a means of coping with their financial hardships. In Kalamazoo, the average monthly rent stands at $825, while the national average is $949 per month.

Kalamazoo crime map

The Kalamazoo crime map provides a detailed overview of all crimes in Kalamazoo as reported by the local law enforcement agencies. Based on the color coded legend above, the crime map outlines the areas with lower crime compared to the areas with higher crime. The Kalamazoo crime heat map offers insight into the total crimes on a block group level. Please note that the red areas on the Kalamazoo crime map does not always indicate that it is a dangerous area for its residents. Areas on the heat map could be inflated if they are located in high traffic areas like airports, sports centers or large parks. Other areas on the heat map could see increased crime rates if they are located in major tourist areas like the downtown core.
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      Crime Quick Facts

      • Kalamazoo crime rates are 159% higher than the national average
      • Violent crimes in Kalamazoo are 310% higher than the national average
      • In Kalamazoo you have a 1 in 17 chance of becoming a victim of crime
      • Kalamazoo is safer than 1% of the cities in the United States
      • Year over year crime in Kalamazoo has decreased by 1%

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        Daily Crime In Kalamazoo (per 100,000 people)

        The chart above shows the number of daily crimes in Kalamazoo, MI per 100,000 people. In Kalamazoo, the number of daily crimes is projected to be 3.01 times more than the Michigan average and 2.59 times more than the national average. The average number of daily violent crimes in Kalamazoo is 3.29 times more than the Michigan average and 4.10 times more than the daily national average. With regards to property crimes, Kalamazoo has a daily crime rate that is 2.93 times more than the Michigan average and 2.30 times more than the overall daily national average.

        How Safe is Kalamazoo (higher is better)

        Is Kalamazoo safe in comparison to other cities in the state of Michigan as well as in comparison to the rest of the areas across the United States. Using the gauges above, which compare crime in Kalamazoo to other cities in the state and across the country, Kalamazoo is 0% safer than other cities of Michigan and 1% safer than other cities in the nation. Kalamazoo has a ranks below average in comparison to other cities in the country.

        Chance of Being A Victim of Crime in Kalamazoo

        The chance of being a victim of violent crime in Kalamazoo is 1 in 66
        The chance of being a victim of property crime in Kalamazoo is 1 in 23
        The chance of being a victim of crime in Kalamazoo is 1 in 17
        Are you curious to know the likelihood of suffering from a crime in Kalamazoo? If you reside in Kalamazoo, the likelihood that you will become a victim of a violent crime is 1 in 66. Violent crimes include: murder, sexual assault, robbery, and physical assault. There is a 1 in 23 change that you will become a victim of a property crime. These sorts of crimes against personal property include: burglary, theft, and auto theft. In total, the likelihood of being victimized by a crime in Kalamazoo, is 1 in 17.

        Year Over Year Crime In Kalamazoo (per 100,000 people)

        A good indicator of whether Kalamazoo is becoming a safer or a more dangerous place to live can be determined by analyzing the year over year crime rate (per 100,000 people). The number of violent crimes in Kalamazoo has decreased by 5%, while the property crime rate in Kalamazoo has not changed year over year. The number of total crimes in Kalamazoo has decreased by 1% year over year.

        Kalamazoo police department

        Item Kalamazoo Michigan National
        Law enforcement employees (officers & civilians)25610,515558,732
        Police officers & civilians /1000 residents3.42.13.3
        There are a total of 256 Kalamazoo police officers. This results in 3.4 police officers per 1,000 residents which is 65.5% greater than the Michigan average and 5.3% greater than the National average.

        Sex offenders in Michigan

        State Total offenders Michigan /100K National /100K
        There are a total of 40,460 sex offenders in Michigan. This yields a total of 414 sex offenders in Michigan per 100,000 residents which is 56% greater than the national average.

        Nearby Cities With Low Crime Rates

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        Cities with similar population

        City Population Violent crime/100k people Property crime/100k people Total crime/100k people
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        Bellflower, CA76,3395872,4953,082
        Iowa City, IA75,8492641,7752,039
        Kalamazoo, MI76,1061,5164,5026,018
        Source: The Kalamazoo, MI crime data displayed above is derived from the FBI's uniform crime reports for the year of 2022. The crime report encompasses more than 18,000 city and state law enforcement agencies reporting data on property and violent crimes. The uniform crime reports program represents approximately 309 million American residents, which results in 98% coverage of metropolitan statistical areas.