Horn Lake

Ranked in the 49th percentile

Horn Lake

  • Horn Lake is ranked #132 in Mississippi
  • Horn Lake is ranked #14,867 in the USA
  • Low Cost of Living
  • Lots of Local Amenities
  • Low Crime Rates
  • Sunny Weather
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East Memphis-Colonial-Yorkshire, Memphis7113.2107,753
Hickory Ridge-South Riverdale, Memphis6712.992,024
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Midtown, Memphis6713.162,752
Downtown, Memphis6512.848,441
White Haven-Coro Lake, Memphis616.288,153

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Tunica Resorts, MS8017.61,839
Lakeland, TN7827.812,541
Olive Branch, MS7611.835,508
Rossville, TN7629.4701

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Welcome to Horn Lake, Mississippi Part 4

This place is straight out of a Dukes of Hazard episode, complete with Boss Hogg, Sheriff Rasco Coltrane, racist cops, conspiring lawyers, and a highly questionable court system. You know you see those police dramas on TV where the cops are always right and always the hero, and the criminal sitting in jail claims he didn't do it, that he was set up, and we are conditioned to roll our eyes and doubt his word. After all, he is the one in jail. But stop and ask yourself now how many people who have served lifetimes in prison for crimes they didn't commit have finally been exonerated since DNA testing has come into use? How many people, especially young black people, have died because some power-hungry cop thought his authority wasn't being recognized or properly venerated, or he was simply a pathological killer and believed no one was watching? He lies in court, just as he has done every day for years, and the system gives him the benefit of the doubt. He's one of their own. HOW MANY? Mostly, you look the other way until it happens to you, and by then it's too late because you didn't speak up when you should have. You didn't demand justice for the victims of these legalized terrorists, and now there's no one who will speak up for you. And once you're on their radar, they won't leave you alone. That's the reason I am posting the following information publicly. If something happens to me, my side of the story will be readily available to anyone who needs it. I have a neighbor who apparently has some mental issues about her yard. The landlord warned me when I moved in. She cuts her grass about twice a week, and although she professes to be concerned about the welfare of bees, she continues to spray pesticides all over the place. She once sprayed weed killer over the fence into my flower garden, and killed some of my plants. Cheese and rice, she vacuums the driveway. She apparently finds it more convenient to ask forgiveness than permission and got her nose out of joint when she tried to have a sidewalk put in on my property (or as our city attorney Gordon Shaw argues, my landlord's property, because having a lease and paying rent entitles me to nothing), and I put a stop to it. Over the years, I have tried to befriend her. I've given her food (and she's given me some). I made Pavlova for her birthday. I've given meat scraps to her dogs (with her permission, of course). She has sat at my table (where I allowed her to smoke), drinking tea and chatting about neighborhood issues. I've swept her walk and driveway after I've cut my grass, and pulled her trashcan back up to her garage during thunderstorms so she wouldn't get drenched going to the street to get it when she came home. I've tried to be a good neighbor. And in return, she has stabbed me in the back, not once, but twice. A few weeks ago, she called code enforcement on me after my lawn mower broke and she thought my grass was too high. If she'd stop looking over the damned fence, it wouldn't bother her. Two days ago, she stabbed me again. I have lived here for five years, and had cats when I moved in. I paid a large pet deposit for the privilege. But last February (2015) someone kept calling animal control about my cats (none of it verifiable or justified according to the head of animal control, himself). I can see now how that must have really galled her. Then it became a big issue when the neighborhood stray offended the dick next door (on the other side), a detective with the Desoto County Sheriff's Department. He assumed the cat was mine and the war was on. If you don't know anything about how strays and feral colonies stake their claims on a neighborhood, I urge you to look it up. God knows the authorities of this town never have, and are completely ignorant on the subject. All the animal control laws in Horn Lake are designed not to help or shelter the animals, but to cast the burden on unwary residents who are then held legally responsible for them, some of which never wanted them in the first place. So several times animal control has come to my house in response to complaints about the cats. I've talked to the backstabbing neighbor about these instances and she's always played innocent. Now I know it was her all along, at least partially. It was she who had called them, and I went over to her house and told her what I think of her. Cowardly bitch couldn't talk to me about it face-to-face, she had to stab me in the back. She said a cat pooped in her yard and her stupid dog ate it. She described several cats, some of which aren't even mine. After I told her what I think of her, she went to the police department and filed a report against me. Dan Smith, head of animal control in Horn Lake, came here with Officer Lori Stevens (they're always so quick to include that title when you ask their name, as if it's accomplishment like Doctor or Pope), in response to Linda's complaint. I'll tell you right now, no one automatically gets my respect unless they earn it. They fuck and fart and put their pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else. We all have jobs. We all earn a living. Perry Mason, head of animal control in Southaven--now that's someone who has my respect because he puts his money where his mouth is. He doesn't pretend to care about the animals; he does care. He doesn't pretend to do his job so he can draw a paycheck; he goes above and beyond his responsibilities for the welfare of the animals. He is the exact opposite of the people running the Horn Lake animal shelter in every possible way. Some of you who have followed this soap opera are already aware that I have taken mothers and kittens to the shelter because I am already at my legal limit, and they would not take them, so I took them to Mayor Allen Latimer's office, who passed the buck. After they were all spayed and neutered and I had taken care of them for months, the dick next door stole them and did God-knows-what with them. I may have also related to you that last Memorial Day weekend that a mother cat jumped through the open window of someone's car down the street and gave birth to a litter of kittens. When the car owner called the shelter to take them, someone from the shelter came, removed the mother and kittens, and set them down in someone's yard under a tree and left them. A few hours later, we had a serious storm. Then two days ago Dan Smith had the nerve to stand on my sidewalk and tell me that if I had a problem with stray cats, to call the shelter and they would come get them. He stood there and told me that bald-faced lie. And I called him on it. Before they left, he told me they'd be back. I assume that's a threat, and I will have no choice but to protect my cats, so there's no telling where it will lead, but judging from previous issues with the so-called leaders of this town, I imagine it won't be pretty. In the meantime, my cats are miserable having to stay inside, and I am looking for a new place to live far, far away from Horn Lake, MS. I suggest you do the same!
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