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Son moving to CO soon My son who graduated high school in Texas last May is considering moving to Colorado Springs. He's been to CO twice in the last few months and loves it. I've never been to Colorado Springs and only to CO for ski trips so am clueless on the area. I am taking him in a couple of weeks so he can make decisions about where to live and work. He has a graphic design background, studies all through high school, but with being young might have a tough time finding a job in that field so would look for a job at a place like Main Event or a game type place or retail store, he just doesn't want to work in fast food. My question is this....where would a good part of town and affordable be for someone like him where he would have to pay his rent from working in a retail type job? Lastly, is there a community college there where he could take some graphic design courses? TIA! Answer question
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Hey there! Colorado Native here. SO there are a few places he could go. Pikes Peak Community College will be a great place for him to start for college. As far as jobs go, I would suggest he look at Costco, they pay very well and there is actually a Costco right be UCCS. He could take some classes their too. Also, down south there is a Sams and they pay well, they are buy the South Pikes Peak Community College. There are decent apartments by both of those campuses. Feel free to ask me more questions and I will help. Brooke
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