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Home Search- Networking - Employment My husband & I are 30 Years+ LCSWs and Psychotherapists letting go of Oklahoma and moving with hope and excitement to Colorado Springs. No children now, 2 chocolate Labs, cats, and wish to maintain one therapy office out of our home. Prefer established neighborhood, safe, fireplace a must, porch a must, view important, enclosed garage, I am a cook so kitchen is a priority, bringing our hottub (my bones hurt-previous athlete). My husband is of course an old hippie, I am part-artist as well. Drawn very much to Manitou Springs, but again, we require a home office. Unfortunately, Our 20 year home investment has declined in OKC, so I must keep below 275,000, which when I search the homes listed, I find dismal choices and this will still create debt at our age. I am seeking employment there currently, but salaries are less than stellar as well. I have MBA too, and have been on the other side as CEO, Administrator, Executive Director, etc of Hospice, Home Health, Mental Health and Substance abuse, Social Work. Also a high priority is creating a new "Family of Choice for Friends!" Community, values, and integrity of area is too important for like mindedness. Seeking guidance, information, networking, and friends Answer question
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Hello Psychotherapist,If you want to live close to Manitou Springs then consider moving down the mountain to the area of Old Colorado City, it is in the West Colorado Springs area on AreaVibes. You will find more homes in your price range. Moving away from Manitou Springs, Briargate is another nice area, it has a C rating for crime on AreaVibes. Most of the houses their are probably above your price point but you can a few nice houses in your price range. I personally am partial to North Powers or Falcon. Falcon is an unincorporated area of El Paso County on the east side of Colorado Springs and Powers is on the east side of Colorado Springs. I invite you to search my website at It is more up to date than sites like zillow or trulia. You can also find my contact information there. I will be more than happy to help you find your new home here in the Colorado Springs Area.
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