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Best Places To Live In Chesapeake, VA

  • Chesapeake, VA
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  • Population: 233,194
  • My husband and I love to eat breakfast at this Denneys. We love their coffee bacon eggs and oatmeal. We have a favorite waitress named Azza who we ask to serve us. Azza is very friendly and does…[read more]
Nearby Areas With A High Livability Score85
  • US Navy Little Creek Amphibious Base, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Neighborhood: 12.2mi / 19.6km away
  • Population: 4,905
  • Dam Neck Naval Air Station, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Neighborhood: 17.6mi / 28.3km away
  • Population: 4,046
  • Virginia Beach, VA
  • City: 18.1mi / 29.1km away
  • Population: 449,733
  • I didnt stay here long, but I found it to be an amazing place to live. Highly recommend it to other people as a great…[read more]
  • Carrollton, VA
  • City: 19.5mi / 31.4km away
  • Population: 5,481
  • Great Bridge East, Chesapeake, VA
  • Neighborhood: 7.8mi / 12.5km away
  • Population: 17,164
  • North Central, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Neighborhood: 12.6mi / 20.3km away
  • Population: 25,176
  • Phoebus, Hampton, VA
  • Neighborhood: 17.8mi / 28.6km away
  • Population: 10,741
  • Great Bridge, Chesapeake, VA
  • Neighborhood: 4.4mi / 7.1km away
  • Population: 24,376
  • Western Branch South, Chesapeake, VA
  • Neighborhood: 7.6mi / 12.2km away
  • Population: 13,869
  • Northwest, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Neighborhood: 10.9mi / 17.5km away
  • Population: 73,160
  • I have lived in Northwest Virginia Beach for five years now, and I love it! I like the history and culture of the area, the blend of the old and the new, and the friendly people. Northwest Virginia…[read more]
  • Northeast, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Neighborhood: 15.9mi / 25.5km away
  • Population: 67,163
  • Suffolk, VA
  • City: 16.6mi / 26.7km away
  • Population: 87,061
  • I visited Suffolk, VA for two weeks in 2007 with my spouse. Suffolk is a great city with plenty to do. Those who enjoy the beach life will be thrilled with Suffolk. Historical enthusiasts will be…[read more]
  • Greater Wythe, Hampton, VA
  • Neighborhood: 17.4mi / 27.9km away
  • Population: 12,712
  • Smithfield, VA
  • City: 22.8mi / 36.8km away
  • Population: 8,304
  • This town is beautiful, clean, quiet, friendly, and safe. It’s close enough to enjoy the jobs and fun that comes with big cities, beaches, and historic locations, but far enough to escape the hustle…[read more]
  • Indian River, Chesapeake, VA
  • Neighborhood: 3.8mi / 6.1km away
  • Population: 26,420
  • Deep Creek South, Chesapeake, VA
  • Neighborhood: 3.7mi / 5.9km away
  • Population: 10,890
  • Greenbrier East, Chesapeake, VA
  • Neighborhood: 6.3mi / 10.2km away
  • Population: 24,977
  • Hampton, VA
  • City: 18.4mi / 29.5km away
  • Population: 136,789
  • With housing dating from WWII, bad traffic, poor planning, high crime, too much heavy industry, just generally ugly this is the last place anyone would want to move…[read more]
  • Aberdeen, Hampton, VA
  • Neighborhood: 18.6mi / 29.9km away
  • Population: 13,699
  • Western Branch North, Chesapeake, VA
  • Neighborhood: 9.0mi / 14.5km away
  • Population: 18,883
  • Buckroe, Hampton, VA
  • Neighborhood: 19.2mi / 30.9km away
  • Population: 13,309
  • Greenbrier West, Chesapeake, VA
  • Neighborhood: 2.3mi / 3.7km away
  • Population: 19,161
  • Greenbrier West is a great place to live and is located in the heart of Chesapeake. While there are not that many things to do, there are many great places to reside in, and many great QUIET…[read more]
  • Benns Church, VA
  • City: 20.1mi / 32.4km away
  • Population: 699
  • Mercury Central, Hampton, VA
  • Neighborhood: 20.1mi / 32.3km away
  • Population: 11,756
  • Downtown, Hampton, VA
  • Neighborhood: 18.0mi / 29.0km away
  • Population: 11,529
  • Moyock, NC
  • City: 19.5mi / 31.4km away
  • Population: 3,368
  • Northampton, Hampton, VA
  • Neighborhood: 20.9mi / 33.6km away
  • Population: 21,824
  • Norfolk, VA
  • City: 5.7mi / 9.2km away
  • Population: 245,724
  • Sure, the beach is close and there are some great attractions in the city, but honestly, the general attitudes of the people living here ruin it. I've never met so many outwardly aggressive people;…[read more]
  • Deep Creek North, Chesapeake, VA
  • Neighborhood: 3.2mi / 5.2km away
  • Population: 19,130
  • Butts Station, Chesapeake, VA
  • Neighborhood: 9.4mi / 15.2km away
  • Population: 6,548
  • Pleasant Grove West, Chesapeake, VA
  • Neighborhood: 9.1mi / 14.7km away
  • Population: 9,975
  • Fort Story, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Neighborhood: 18.2mi / 29.2km away
  • Population: 395
  • South Norfolk, Chesapeake, VA
  • Neighborhood: 1.8mi / 2.8km away
  • Population: 22,921
  • Portsmouth, VA
  • City: 4.7mi / 7.5km away
  • Population: 96,071
  • I lived in Portsmouth, VA for about 7 months. I lived in the Churchland area of Portsmouth. This area I really enjoyed. There was a variety of great restaurants, bars and some cozy shops to go browsing…[read more]
  • Deep Creek West-Dismal Swamp, Chesapeake, VA
  • Neighborhood: 10.1mi / 16.2km away
  • Population: 6,061
  • Pleasant Grove East, Chesapeake, VA
  • Neighborhood: 12.7mi / 20.4km away
  • Population: 6,558

Chesapeake, VA: Lots To Do Outdoords

Chesapeake is mid-sized city in southern Virginia. More than 232,000 people call this lovely city home. It's one of the most populous cities in the state. Interestingly, the city has few urban areas. Included in the city limits are waterways, farms, wetlands, forests, and parts of the Great Dismal Swamp. With its spread out geography, the city has several miles of waterfront residential and industrial property. The area has a number of wonderful parks and outdoor activities. The city is known for its outstanding quality of life. The great outdoors and fantastic employment opportunities make this a wonderful place to call home.

The military is a major employer in Chesapeake. There are two military bases in the area and a number of military installations in nearby Virginia Beach and Norfolk. The construction, education, health, information technology, and manufacturing industries bring a number of jobs to the area.

Hampton Roads Transit provides bus service to Chesapeake. Buses links the city to surrounding cities and military bases.

The cost of housing is cheaper in Chesapeake than in Washington, DC, San Diego, CA, and Virginia Beach. You'll find cheaper housing, however, in nearby Richmond, VA. Transportation costs are approximately the same in Virginia Beach, VA and Chesapeake. But transportation costs are lower in this southern city than in Washington, DC and San Diego, CA.

Chesapeake has a humid subtropical climate. Summers bring hot and humid weather. August tends to be the city's warmest month with an average temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit. August highs can rise as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer days can be downright oppressive when high temperatures mix with the region's famous humidity. Winters tend to be cool but not unmanageable. The city's coldest month is February, when the average temperature is 43 degrees Fahrenheit. You'll definitely want a winter coat in Chesapeake. Temperatures in February can fall as low as 17 degrees Fahrenheit.

With so many great places to live in Chesapeake, it can be difficult to find the right place to live. We've come up with list of the best places to live in Chesapeake. What's most important to you in a new home? Use our website to further narrow our suggestions and to create your own list of the best places in Chesapeake. Search our website by geographic radius, population size, or housing budget. Come up with even more specific choices using metrics such as crime, amenities, education, cost of living, weather, employment, and weather.