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Where to live in Boston? I'm hoping to get some feedback from people who currently live in Boston. Can someone tell me where to live in Boston? Are there some great neighborhoods that I should consider? I'd like to be close to restaurants, shopping and all the other important amenities. Thnx! Answer question
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WindyCityPosted on Nov 15, 2012
need info about surrounding areas Hi, we are thinking about relocating to the area south of Boston (within 60mi) and are looking for information on a town with low crime, lower cost of living/housing rates/rent. we are coming from rural PA, so our cost of living is VERY low right now... I just want to make sure any salary isn't totally eaten up by rent or something. Any help would be great! Thanks! Answer question
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abagarnerPosted on Apr 12, 2011
Is Charlestown really a dangerous neighborhood? I've heard good and bad things about Charlestown, but after seeing "The Town" I'm wondering if Charlestown is actually a very dangerous place to live? Does anyone know what the crime rates are and if Charlestown actually does have the most robberies per capita in MA? Answer question
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AV JonPosted on Jan 04, 2011
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