When renting an apartment in Boston look for neighborhoods that are popular and rated highly. Some of the the best neighborhoods are Allston, Fenway, Brighton, Riverside, Roxbury, Dorchester, Mission Hill, East Boston, Brookline, and South Boston. Many of these neighborhoods cater to young people between the ages of 24-34 with lower rents. Average rents range from $1,500 to $3,000 for apartments or condos depending on the size and amenities.

Fenway is a neighborhood that has plenty of activities for everyone. There are sports, restaurants, bars, shopping, and cultural attractions. It is located near Fenway Park home of the Boston Red Sox. It has many cultural attractions like the Museum of Fine Art and Symphony Hall.

Brighton has many condos and apartments for renters to choose from. There are many small businesses, shops, and restaurants. It is a tranquil community with many professionals and young families. There are two hospitals in Brighton. Roxbury at one time was a farming community. It is a neighborhood that reflects black culture and is undergoing a transformation. New businesses and apartments have been developed. The Roxbury Center for Culture and Trade was developed in 2005 to bring arts and music to the community.

Dorchester is a diverse and very large neigborhood. It has Vietnamese Community Center and unique restaurants, shops and cultural activities. It has Franklin Park with over 527 acres of land. The park has golfing, walking paths, and a zoo. This area has boating and several local beaches.

When looking for an apartment in Boston using some of the online websites for apartments can streamline your search. Contacting realtors in the neighborhoods that interest you is another way to find good rents. Realtors know the area and where the best apartment communities are to rent.