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Bluffton Is a Fraud

Five years ago, via the net, I discovered the cutest town: Bluffton. Unfortunately, the reality is not as cute. Those beautiful homes with the great low prices pictured on the net, in reality, are plastic dumps with zero construction standards. Entirely unlivable. There are no food handling regulations and the restaurants here will definitely make you sick unless you are already malnourished, obese and used to the filth. The locals are rude, crude, and uncouth. There is no such thing as an indoors voice; yelling is perfectly acceptable, anywhere. Even grocery shopping is a challenge. Bluffton shoppers see nothing wrong with parking themselves next to their cart and blocking all other shoppers access to products. And if you say "please excuse me", they have no idea you are even there. But if you move there cart out of the way, well they'll give ya what for. In fact, every social exchange I have had in the five years I have endured Bluffton, outside of workers being paid to be somewhat polite, has magically turned into a confrontation. I have been run out of three homes, had my car kicked in and my tires flattened. Bluffton, you win. I'm outta here.
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Bluffton, SC is a Scenic, Lovely Place to Call Home

Bluffton, South Carolina looks like something you would see on a postcard or a watercolor painting of a pretty little small town full of charm. Everywhere you look there's something to see. Living in Bluffton is a real pleasure and it is mostly because of the wonderful people who live here. Everyone always has a smile and a wave. The schools could do with a little work, but the crime rate is low and the weather is beautiful and mild nearly all year long. The job market is healthy, and that is very important these days. Bluffton is one of the best areas in the state for finding something to do nearly any time. Take a tour of the Tybee Island Light Station and Museum, the Palmetto Oaks Sculpture Garden, head out to Hilton Head for Zipline Hilton Head or enjoy Old Town Trolley Tours of Savannah. When you're all adventured out, enjoy peaceful living in a small, charming little town. There's lots to do and see in this great little place!
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