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Biloxi, Mississippi: For the Nature Lover

If you love being in the outdoors, Biloxi, Mississippi is definitely the city for you. Its subtropical climate is a paradise year round for those not wanting to be cooped up inside. Many of the restaurants have alfresco dining and there are over sixty miles of beach in the area, as well. There are also many other avenues for enjoying the great outdoors in this awesome little city in the Magnolia state. When I lived in Biloxi I loved going to Ship Island and hanging out on one of the world's finest beaches. We rented jet skis and kayaks and at times took picnics and at other times just purchased our food there. It was fun to watch the dolphins swimming in the wake of the ferry as we crossed over to the island. As a nature lover, I thoroughly enjoyed that the weather was warm throughout the year. I could get out and take advantage of our rivers and bayous and see many of the over 100 birds, reptiles and other animals indigenous to the area. There are several restaurants I like particularly well. The Ole Biloxi Fillin Station is a great local hangout. The beer is super cheap during happy hour and I liked sitting outside because there is a nice view of the harbor. Also, I really like the terrific shrimp po-boy which is a Fillin Station favorite. Mr Greek's looks a little run down but has spectacular greek food so if you are a greek food aficionado do not miss this restaurant if you are coming to my hometown. The gyros are especially yummy. When I would get dressed up, I loved going to Mary Mahoney's Old French House. This restaurant is romantic and the food is delicious. After dinner there are a couple of great clubs if you want to trip the lights fantastic. Club 228 is a lot of fun on karaoke night. If you want to dance, Coast has terrific music to do just that.
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