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Best Places To Live In Anaheim, CA

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Anaheim, CA: More than Disneyland

Anaheim is one of the five largest cities in California. Its population of more than 300,000 makes it Orange County's second largest city.

A move to Anaheim could mean some big changes for you. The city has a variety of places to live, shop and eat. Plenty of attractions are available for residents and visitors. Disneyland, medical facilities and national corporations are the city's largest employers. Students at every grade level will find public and private schools to meet their needs.

Anaheim's cost of living is slightly higher than the average cost of living in California and higher than the average cost of living in the country. However, it is lower than Orange County's average cost of living. The rental prices here are higher than the national average, but lower than they are in other cities in California. Anaheim's rental prices are lower than they are in Los Angeles, San Francisco or San Diego.

You will appreciate Anaheim's weather if you are coming from a city where the snow piles up in the winter. It does not snow in Anaheim, and the city's average winter temperature is in the 70s. Summers have an average temperature in the 80s. The city's coldest month is January with an average temperature of 69. The city's average winter temperature is in the 70s. Summers have an average temperature in the 80s, and the hottest month is July with an average temperature of 85. January and February are Anaheim's rainiest months. The city has more than 280 days of sunshine annually.

Two of Anaheim's landmarks are the Disneyland Resort and Angel Stadium of Anaheim. The Disneyland Resort includes Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park. The parks have rides and shows that will appeal to all ages. They also have a number of places for shopping and dining. Angel Stadium is the home field of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim baseball team. If you enjoy shopping, you will be pleased with the city's number of shopping districts. Anaheim has a nature center and an art museum.

You can travel around Anaheim on buses operated by the Orange County Transit Agency or Anaheim Resort Transportation. Trains from Anaheim's Metrolink station will take you to other cities in Southern California.

It can be difficult to find the best places to live in Anaheim. These are our suggestions for the best places to live. Choosing items such as crime, cos to of living, employment options or prices of homes to rent will help you narrow your search and help you find the best places in Anaheim.