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What a craphole!

If I could give it a lower rating I would. I moved to West York from Manassas, VA. in July 2016. As a war veteran, I've experienced better places overseas where they actually hate Americans. This place is that bad. Happily, I will be moving out in a couple of weeks. I'm an African American and I've never felt so unwelcome in a place in my entire life. I get here only to find that my (all white) neighbors will not speak unless I speak first. They look at me like I kicked their dog. My neighbors fight all the time. I find out that my former mayor is a devote racist and forget trying to report a near carjacking to the local police who have answering machines and never returned my phone call. If I wasn't packing I'd be without a car right now. I've been around the world and I've only wished nuclear annihilation on one place on the planet in my life and that's Cannes, France. I wasn't allowed service in a restaurant because I was an American soldier. Now I have two places. I wouldn't recommend West York to my worst enemy and that's why I'm leaving this sh*t box. It's noisy, it's dirty, they don't like minorities, it's over-priced, poor service on everything, overcrowded, overtly-racist, has high crime, and I don't recommend living here!
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York, PA: Great Location in Central Pennsylvania

I've lived in York, PA since early 1999, when I moved to the area to accept a position in the state capital. Compared to where I grew up, this town is an excellent place to raise a family and have a good time. For me the location is perfect as it is about thirty minutes straight up I-83 to my firm near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania's capital. Into the city proper is another ten minutes or so depending on traffic which is usually not that bad. If you have to work in the capital for work you should definitely consider the better value that can be found outside of it in towns like York. If I knew what I know now about York when I was a young man, I might have moved here anyway to start a family regardless of work. I personally am a history and nature buff, and this place is loaded with both. Not only does the town itself date to before the founding of the nation, but we are surrounded by history. Gettysburg is literally less than an hour away. There are also many Amish communities nearby. Hershey PA (of chocolate fame) is also very close. The Susquehanna River is pretty but not clean enough (as far as I am concerned) for water activities. The best nature near York can be found to the west, the Appalachian Mountains. These low mountains are quite beautiful and offer tons of family-friendly adventure. As for York itself, it is nice, but not very "hoppin'." There are several great bars and gastropubs. I go to Holy Hound Taproom quite often. There are some clubs but they're not places I have ever been to or plan to visit.
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