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West Virginia: Skiing and a low cost of living

As a state, West Virginia is a lot of things to a lot of people. There are mountains all over the place, which makes it somewhat difficult to navigate. The flip side of this is that travel is a big deal in West Virginia, with people coming from all over the east coast to ski at some of the awesome resorts there. Places like Snowshoe and Winter Place have become very popular, so hotels and restaurants have popped up in the state to serve the needs of skiers who visit during the colder months. Additionally, West Virginia has a good size city in Charleston, as well as an advanced college city in Morgantown, which are nice to visit.

The job market in West Virginia has taken a pretty large hit with the recession, since a lot of the jobs were manufacturing based. Still, its proximity to Ohio, Maryland, and Kentucky has made West Virginia a place that's surrounded by possibility. Those people who live in the bigger places enjoy lots of housing opportunities and it can be said that the cost of living in West Virginia is low no matter where you are. For this reason, many people decide to stay there to retire instead of relocating somewhere else.

If information on West Virginia is what you are after, then we can help. Whether you are thinking of moving there or you want to be one of the people that takes advantage of the awesome skiing, you will enjoy our business reviews, as well as our other resources, like photos of the major places.

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