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The city of Washington, DC has a population of 659,009 and a population density of 10,779 people per square mile. There are a total of 34 Washington, DC neighborhoods. The neighborhood with the highest Livability Score is Au-Tenleytown and the largest neighhorhood by population is Anacostia. The Washington, DC neighborhood map is a great way to see which neighborhoods have a higher Livability Score compared to those with a lower Livability Score.

Some Top Rated Neighborhoods In Washington, DC

The City of Washington, D.C. has more landmark buildings than most American cities. Most of them are located along a two-mile-long rectangle called the National Mall, bookended by the Capitol building located on one end and the Lincoln Memorial on the other. The memorials and monuments, that were named after the country’s greatest heroes (Jefferson, Washington, and Lincoln) and some of Americas bloodiest wars (Korea, Vietnam, WWII). Taking a stroll through downtown or Foggy Bottom gives you the feeling that almost every building is a headquarters for something. On your right, the FBI Building, and Labour Department, on your left the Chamber of Commerce. Toss in many beautiful neighborhoods, a dense, easy to navigate geography, and the result is a city that could easily pass for an American tourism capital as well.


Tenleytown was named back in 1790 when locals started calling the neighborhood “Tenally’s Town” after John Tenally who was a tavern owner. You may expect that the town is one big frat party seeing that there is a major University in the neighborhood, but it’s surprisingly a very quiet residential area. The town is a combination of the American University students, some alumni who stay to work at AU and families. AU Park has more families and large homesteads some of which are ambassador’s residences. Students tend to reside mostly at the AU campus and Tenleytown. There are also apartments/condos down New Mexico that tend to have more couples and young professionals living there. Generally, Tenleytown/AU Park residents are environmentally savvy and big public transport users. It is a quiet neighborhood with beautiful homes, excellent transit access, thriving commercial strip and a home to a major University.

Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase hardly feels like a neighborhood in the city. It has huge houses and a park-like setting with rolling hills, big trees, and smaller streets. You are likely to see many family activities in the area - Strollers on sidewalks, kids riding bikes and playing in yards. Most of the residential houses that are in the area are single family and only a few condo buildings. Chevy Chase is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the entire District that looks a lot like a wooded suburb. The houses in this town are huge and gorgeous, with Rock Creek Park right next door, and a short bike ride from the retail in Tenleytown or Friendship Heights. Even with the suburban characteristics of Chevy Chase, public transportation is still close enough. If you have family, a car, and are looking for some personal space close to the city, Chevy Chase is the perfect find.

Woodley Park

Woodley Park is a quiet tree-lined residential neighborhood that is located in one mile Northwest of Washington D.C. and is comfortably nestled between the natural beautiful landscapes of the Rock Creek Park neighborhood and the National Zoo. Homes in this neighborhood consist of restored row houses, high-rise apartments, and condominiums. Residents with children appreciate the proximity to local attractions, several schools, and parks, while all the residents here enjoy the neighborhood’s small-town feel and proximity to dining, shopping, as well as entertainment. Residents who go to work are happy to live just a short bus ride away. There is a Neighborhood Association that helps maintain the place by preserving this area’s history, as well as promote community values. From the benefits that come with living in a central location, to friendly residents and beautiful natural landscapes, Woodley Park is a neighborhood that has everything that you could ever need in a community setup.