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Population: 705,749

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District Of Columbia: DC

In Washington, DC, there are many different opportunities for all sorts of people. The attractions are many, depending upon your tastes. For the locals who have come to city for business opportunities, the bar scene is vibrant and there are many restaurants to enjoy, as well. Looking at a map of DC, you will see that it's quite compartmentalized, with little communities having their own feel. As for businesses in the area, one might not be surprised to learn that many of them are government related or they are designed to service individuals working within the government.

In the early 90's, it was common for people to refer to Washington as the crime capital of the United States. Perhaps it's time for a new nickname as the crime rate in DC has decreased by nearly 50% since then. Having said that, crime in DC is still higher than the national average. Today, Washington is growing by leaps and bounds and the economic opportunities there remain strong, despite the recent downturn. Jobs are competitive, since many people want to move in the city. The nice thing about DC is that the public transportation system is one of the best in the world, with buses connecting people to different areas there. Lots of people use public transportation in Washington as a cost cutting measure. Cutting costs is somewhat important, since housing prices and cost of living are very high. Many townhomes are available throughout the city, but they come at a high cost in a good area.

Ultimately, Washington is an awesome city to live in for people who are looking to jump start a career or make new connectiions.