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Best Places To Live In Washington, DC

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Washington, D.C.: Living in the Capital

Washington, D.C. is a city that most people in the United States view as the country’s capital. This is the home of high government institutions including the White House, the Supreme Court, and the Congress. Residents of the District, however, see it as an area that has more than just government. Individuals who live in Washington, D.C have a varying experience depending on their neighborhoods. The city its environs are clean, and they have several public parks. It has many entertainment venues, restaurants, cultural sights, and museums. Every neighborhood in the city has a different atmosphere. Just like any other community, residents interact at dog parks, block parties, coffee shops, and many other places.

The cost of living in Washington, D.C is higher than most places in the U.S. Home prices in the city are significantly greater than the country’s average, and they are expected to keep rising. The cost of renting a house in the city has surpassed the national average by approximately $400. Neighborhoods in the city have different costs of living. Maryland residents who stay in communities such as Silver Spring and Bethesda spend a lot than those who live in D.C and Virginia. Individuals who live in Virginia and own vehicles are required to pay personal property tax annually. Washington, D.C has a broad variety of the homes ranging from Capitol Hill’s historic row houses to the Penn Quarter-based luxury homes. The city currently has a housing problem due to its 20 percent year-over-years population increase.

The city experiences four seasons in a year. Its temperatures rise to over 90°F during summer, and the humidity is high. The place also experiences a lot of snow during winter, and it at times gets serious to the extent of shutting down the public transit systems. The weather is good during spring and fall.

Transport in the city is not a problem since the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) owns buses and trains that serve the residents of the city and suburbs such as Virginia and Maryland. Apart from the transit services of WMATA, there are also buses that are offered by communities such as Maryland and Virginia. Most of the people choose to drive, and this has led to heavy traffic congestion in the area especially during rush hours. Some of the people use bicycles as a means of transport, and this has been made easier by the Capital Bikeshare program.

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