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Best Places To Live In Toledo, OH

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Toledo, OH: Urban Infrastructure

Have you considered moving to Toledo, Ohio? This vibrant community of just over 275,000 people sits along the shore of Lake Erie and the Maumee River in Northwestern Ohio. Today, suburbs of the City adjoin the State of Michigan. Toledo serves as the seat of Lucas County. Originally founded in 1833 on the site of Fort Industry, the city has undergone many changes during its history: currently, it ranks amongst the most populous urban centers in Ohio.

Temperatures in Toledo range from average daily highs in the 30 degree Fahrenheit range during January, the coldest month of the year, to an average high of nearly 85 degrees Fahrenheit during July. Residents enjoy four separate seasons. Precipitation occurs throughout the year, with frequent winter snowfalls and spring rains. Brisk winds blow into the city from the nearby lake.

Toledo has declined slightly in population in recent years. The city does suffer from a comparatively high crime rate. However, people who relocate here discover affordable housing and many opportunities. Major employers include educational institutions, auto makers and glass manufacturing companies. Residents can attend sporting events, including college football, auto racing, and Minor League Baseball. Popular attractions and landmarks include public golf courses, the Toledo Zoo, the Toledo Opera, the Toledo Museum of Art and the site of Fort Industry, (now marked by a tablet at the intersection of Monroe and Summit Streets).

Toledo enjoys a well-developed, urban infrastructure. A few years ago, the City initiated a plan to revitalize and modernize its business district. Interstate 75, the Ohio Turnpike and a massive network of smaller roadways facilitate transportation. Interstate 80 crosses through the southern portion of the Greater Toledo Metro Area. Private vehicles, taxis, buses and ridesharing companies all offer transportation services. Additionally, train and air passenger services offer ready access to other locations from Toledo.

Due to its long history, Toledo offers home buyers a rich selection of different architectural designs. Wood frame homes in styles popular during the Victorian and Edwardian Eras abound in the Old West End, for instance. Many charming and distinctive neighborhoods furnish variety here, including Franklin Park; Old Orchard; Beverly; Westmoreland and Cross Gates. The University of Toledo adjoins the Secor Gardens neighborhood. The housing market provides considerable variation in pricing, although listings in some historic neighborhoods tend to command higher sales prices based partly on location. Newer homes with many amenities usually cost more than older homes in poor condition. However, real estate buyers will discover an impressive diversity of available for-sale and rental properties, including both wood and brick dwellings.