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Thousand Oaks - One of California's Safest Cities

Want a great Californian city to live in that's safe? Then look no further than Thousand Oaks, one of the best cities in southern California. I visited the city of Thousand Oaks during one summer, and was so impressed with this upbeat sophisticated city. Compared to cities like Santa Ana and Chula Vista, I felt much safer visiting Thousand Oaks. Thousand Oaks consistently ranks as one of the top safest cities in the country, which is another reason I absolutely love Thousand Oaks. It is also one of the best job creators in the country, since technology firms flock to this area and Silicon Valley. Biotechnology and telecommunications are very popular businesses in the area. If you are a young business professional, then seriously consider pursuing higher education in this area of California or seeking job offers from this area. There is no better place to raise a family in California than Thousand Oaks! In addition to being safe and non-creepy (unlike Santa Ana), this city offers breathtaking views of the ocean and Los Angeles forest. I highly recommend biking or running in the L.A. forest! Truly a must. Overall, I'd love to visit Thousand Oaks again. I had a fabulous time and I'm sure you would too!
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