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we bought a brand new home in a neighborhood that was suppose to be zoned single

We purchased a new home in a neighborhood that was suppose to be zoned single residence, but it turns out that if you have relativesthat work for the city you can do what ever you want, I notified building inspector office and they only agreed with me that it was a unusualdesign for a home that would be single residence, contacted zone enforcement office and they told me I need to provide all the evidence toto press charges, in the end it turns out the builder is related to city and county workers and they plan on doing what ever they want.Be very aware if you plan on purchasing a home in this city, short and long term rentals are everywhere and even some of the associationsare corrupt and will do short term rentals. If we would of known this beforehand, we would not have considered this city.
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Cost of living

I noted the "D+" cost of living designation the St. George metro area received. I find that grading to be at the very least to be misleading and by almost all of your standards, not correct. St. George and the surrounding cities in south west Utah housing data is considerably lower than the cities of the Wasatch Front. (northern Utah) While our gasoline costs a few pennies more than northern Utah, our commute times are minuscule by comparison. Our utility costs are considerably less in areas served by Dixie Power as well as most municipal power companies, which includes St. George City. As far as employment rating of "C-", that rating is in direct conflict with a nationally recognized grading company that rates St. George metro by 24/7 Wall Street as the 2nd fastest job growth rate in the nation. Our housing rating of "C-" is also very much in dispute for several reasons. 1. Our median housing cost is considerably less than other western metro areas. 2. The growth in St. George metro is being fueled by numerous reasons, not the least of which is reasonable housing costs. The area is virtually surrounded by state and national parks and monuments, clean air, water, outstanding medical services (new $350M addition), new regional airport with daily multiple flights to LA, DEN, PHX, SLC, terrific university, arts community, 40+miles of designated paved walking and biking paths, amazing area and city parks and recreation centers, nationally ranked marathon, Iron Man, soft ball and pickle ball tournaments and events. 30 minutes from the casino's of Mesquite NV
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Mormon town USA

I lived there for 3 years.Big time MORMON influence probably close to 80%. They do not like different nationalities and are VERY prejudice.If you have to work here and are not Mormon you will have big time problems. There is another sect that resides here FLDS, they dress like little house on the prairie people and STARE at people, cult land USA. Weather cold in winter very hot in the summer.There is ONE hospital in this town, and they DON"T want another.Many people die there that shouldn't. If you like a place with very little activities for adults other then exercise, then maybe you would like it here. Some of the rudest people I have ever met live in this town, I have lived all over the US.Most other people eventually leave here for a more normal environment.
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Meet a Desert Tortoise in St. George, Utah

I lived in St. George, Utah for three years. The city is often thought of as a retirement community because of the abundant golf courses and warm winters. The leaders of the city have worked hard to attempt to shed some of the retirement community feeling from the city. In some ways, they have succeeded. St. George is a small city with a lot to offer to those who take the time to appreciate it. Southern Utah is one of the most beautiful areas on Earth. St. George is the perfect base of operations for any number of outdoor recreation activities. Within short driving distance, there are hikes of all lengths. The Red Cliffs Desert Reserve is home to some of the best hiking. It also is the home of the federally protected desert tortoise. Many of these trails are also great for mountain bikes or horse-riding. The city has a fun paved trail for bikers and pedestrians looping through town as well. Zion National Park, full of impressive views and challenging hikes, is only an hour away from St. George. Lake Powell, a popular destination for boaters, is three hours away. St. George will not appeal to everyone. In the end, much of the city still has a small-town atmosphere. Most of the nightlife opportunities center on theater and music productions. Tuacahn Amphitheater, a unique outdoor venue, plays host to many of these events. People who enjoy late-night parties will probably struggle to find something to do. While the restaurants are not all chains, there is not much diversity to choose from. St. George does have plenty of familiar name-brand stores like Target. However, while St. George does lack in these areas, its proximity to another city makes up for it. St. George is less than two hours away from the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada. The shopping and attractions in Las Vegas are close enough for a round trip in one day. Overall, St. George is not a city for those seeking lots of food choices and lively nightlife, but is a gem of a city for those looking for outdoor recreation and beautiful weather.
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