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An "Okay" City: St. Clair Shores, MI

As a native Michigander, I have to say that St. Clair Shores is a nice city but is not filled with ambitious people. I found the people in this city to actually be very lazy, and at times I even felt unsafe in the city. I find it interesting on a personal level that so many Michiganders in areas like this complain about the economy, but they do nothing to actually revive it through their hard work. St. Clair Shores does have a beautiful view on Jefferson Avenue, to be fair to the nice scenic attributes of the city. I do enjoy jogging along Jefferson Avenue to stay in shape. The view of the water is stunning and makes people want to actually stay in shape. There are also some nice restaurants in St. Clair Shores that feature some great seafood. Aside from the nice jogging areas and restaurants, I still have to say that the community is kind of a downer. The community in this city is just not that upbeat and fun. Instead, I feel that a lot of people in this city are in some sort of depression and do not actually work hard to get out of that sort of thing.
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