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Why I bought real estate & moved to South Boston, Va

Why I picked living & investing in South Boston, Va over all other areas, # 1 the town has EVERYTHING my family & I need to live, Super Walmart, Lowes, restrants all your types of fast food, you name it, all of the supplys or services that a big city has, but for much less cost. # 2 low amount of traffic at this time (2013) #3 you can buy a house at 1/2 the price it would be to build it, 1/3 acre of land in town anywere from $ 5,000. - 18,000. or house 2 bed 1 bath sfh 1/3 acre lot, walk to stores & not need a car for as low as $ 30,000 move in ready, I buy for much lower, but needing lots of fix up. Its crazy but you can get nice houses in good safe areas for very cheep prices ( again at this time April 2013) #4 for kids you have pools year round ( YMCA) + summer pools & bolling, roolerskiting, parks, etc #5 this is a town of around 8,142 people & gossip might & will go around about you if you live there & talk to people alot, I do like this so far, because my family & I are good people. also you can find out quickly who's not the good people & also If you get arested in South Boston, Va your name will be in the local paper & the gossip WILL go around about you. #6 You are mostlikly not get a good paying job, unless you start your own business. Their is a lot of money to be made in this town & older pepole from big cities are slowly moving here. Most people in town don't make much money & lots of people live on food stamps & disablity intittlements. # 7 you can make friends very very fast, because most people put talking more ahead of chasing the buck. # 8 I am a business man & an investor, so I pick new friends wiesly so I don't get into the gossip stuff & wast my time. #9 I love the friendlyness of the people & it does not matter what race you are. I'm a 46 year old man & my wife is hispanish from Preu & my kids are mixed. Most of the town is 50% white & 50% black, but there are all the other races also & they seem to be the ones that have there own buisness, but not all of them. 10. The taxes I pay on some of my small sfh's in town are around $ 230 a year ( yes a year) & I'm including both taxes in town tax & also Halifax, county tax. But again I'm talking older small sfh's . I think the tax rate is $.44 for every 100. assesed value for Halifax co & $.19 for every $100 assesed value for So Bo. I could go on & on about how much I love South Boston. I lived in northern Va for all my life & there came a time that I had to get out of the fast pace living & traffic, high taxes, ect Thank God I found South Boston, Va. There is pleanty of jobs in SoBo that pays only mim wage & often business owners I know look for people often, but if you plan to move to So Bo for a good paying job, not much of them there. Reigh NC is about 75 miles away & lots of big paying IT & ect jobs opening there, some people in So Bo drive this everyday 1 hour & 1/2???or so drive one way
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Source: The South Boston, VA data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).