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The city of Shreveport, LA has a population of 198,571 and a population density of 1,853 people per square mile. There are a total of 18 Shreveport, LA neighborhoods. The neighborhood with the highest Livability Score is Broadmoor-Anderson Island-Shreve Isle and the largest neighhorhood by population is Springlake-University Terrace. The Shreveport, LA neighborhood map is a great way to see which neighborhoods have a higher Livability Score compared to those with a lower Livability Score.

Some Top Rated Neighborhoods In Shreveport, LA

Shreveport enjoys sunny weather and boasts of a variety of social amenities. Shreveport is a city that you would consider living in because it does not only have a warm weather but it also has an excellent road network that links Shreveport to the other main cities and towns in Los Angeles. In addition to that, the neighborhoods in Shreveport are connected by multiple highways that enable the easy accessibility to the various social amenities. Discussed below are some of the neighborhoods that you might want to consider and the various resources and facilities that are in the area.

Springlake-University Terrace

Springlake-University Terrace is found along Youree Drive. This region enjoys a sunny weather and favors all kinds of people; single, retired and even the married. Despite the fact that the residents have a low cost of living, the cost of buying a house in this neighborhood is high compared to other areas. However, the cost of renting a house is lower compared to other neighborhoods not forgetting restaurants and other food serving joints which are found in plenty. Most of the restaurants are easily accessible as they are located at the Youree Drive. Despite having all these social amenities, there are no public schools in Springlake. However; some institutions offer tertiary education. These institutions are mostly colleges except Louisiana state university.

Caddo Heights-South Highlands

Caddo Heights are a good neighborhood especially for those people with families. Parents with school-going children have a broad range of schools to choose. There are schools like; Saint Vincent Academy schools and south highland elementary school are easily accessible via the Fairfield Avenue that links with the major highway connecting Caddo Heights to other cities. Also, parks like the Hattie Perry Park offer a good space where both children and adults can go and have fun. Apart from these, restaurants and food-serving joints are very many in this area. The Piccadilly and the Great American Cookies are found along St. Vincent Avenue. The Caddo Heights neighborhood has a relatively low cost of living and also lower costs of either buying or renting a house thus makes this area fit and comfortable for all kinds of people.

Broadmoor-Anderson Island-Shreve Isle

Broadmoor-Anderson Island is located at the intersection of Shreveport-Barksdale Highway and the Clyde Fant Memorial Parkway. It enjoys a sunny weather, especially in the summer. The cost of living in this area are low, and both the cost of renting or buying a house are lower compared to other neighborhoods. Due to this, Broadmoor favors the married, retired and single people. Broadmoor-Anderson Island has very many social amenities. Restaurants like the Circle K and the Daiquiri Express are easily accessible via the Washington highway. In this neighborhood, there are also parks and other entertainment facilities like the cinema where you can go to relax your mind. Although there are virtually no public schools in this area, there are schools that cater to students with special needs. These schools like the Caddo Parish special school are very affordable and can be easily found.