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Top Rated Neighborhoods In Seattle, WA

If you're looking for a city filled with people with the highest education, surrounded by forests and natural beauty and with a high standard of living, you have found it with Seattle, WA. Mount Hood is in the distance as Seattleites, known as the most educated people in the nation, go to work and sip their famous coffee while they talk about the latest musical or cultural event going on in the city. It is a great place for singles and couples alike, with plenty to do and surrounded by rainforest and that beautiful mountain.


This neighborhood is ranked at the top in all of Seattle. Why, do you say? It has some of the best educational opportunities with amazing amenities and a higher median income that much of the city. The University of Washington is just a short walk away, and it is northeast of downtown, which is a short ride from Laurelhurst. The downside? It has incredibly high real estate prices. If you are rolling in the dough you will have no problem, but for many, this neighborhood is out of their price range. It's near Wolf Bay and has beautiful views of the ocean, with Laurelhurst Park at the very center of the neighborhood. With plenty of dining and eponymous Seattle coffeehouses, living in Laurelhurst is a great Northwest experience. However, if you're on a budget or looking to save money, this neighborhood probably isn't for you.


If you only want a short ride to Seattle, Wallingford is a good choice, as it is only 4 miles from the city center. With the creation of a trolley in the early 20th century, the neighborhood became a typical streetcar neighborhood, with little bungalows and row houses not lacking in charm. It lies on a hill near Lake Union to the south, with beautiful views of the surrounding areas. And with a good high school graduation rate and high per capita income, it would be quite nice to live in such a place. But is it affordable? It looks to be similar to Laurelhurst in cost of living. The crime, also, is worse than in Laurelhurst, probably because of its proximity to downtown. It has good public transportation and theaters, coffeehouses and restaurants galore. It would be a great place for singles and couples both.


Wedgwood is considered another highly rated neighborhood in Seattle. It is 6 miles northeast of downtown, and only a few miles from the University of Washington. Even so, the crime rate is higher in this area than in other areas of the city, including the past two neighborhoods mentioned. Cost of living is high as well, but what could you expect from a downtown area? It is known as a middle class area with a modest commercial district; some of the area was a working farm until well into the 1960's. This area could work for singles, but probably not couples with children because the crime rate is so high.