Ranked in the 42nd percentile


  • Seattle is ranked #357 in Washington
  • Seattle is ranked #16,821 in the USA
  • Lots of Local Amenities
  • Stable Housing Market
  • High Income per Capita
  • High Graduation Rates
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Best Neighborhoods In & Around Seattle, WA

PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Meydenbauer, Bellevue837.23,337
Norkirk, Kirkland838.34,252
Bridle Trails, Kirkland838.61,535
Somerset, Bellevue8210.513,614
PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Roosevelt, Seattle824.23,138
Moss Bay, Kirkland827.93,353
Beaux Arts, Bellevue817.4220
Bridle Trails, Bellevue818.810,425

Best Cities Near Seattle, WA

PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Medina, WA835.53,169
Clyde Hill, WA826.23,197
Maple Valley, WA8222.925,093
Sammamish, WA8214.462,136
PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Yarrow Point, WA816.41,149
Woodway, WA8112.21,367
Mercer Island, WA817.124,467
Mill Creek, WA8118.119,372

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Don’t live here. It will ruin you.

Let me start by saying that Seattle has great natural beauty. Unfortunately, you will only get to see it 2 months out of the year because it rains 9/10 months a year, and the natural beauty does not redeem the awful parts of this soul sucking city. I moved here in 2013, it is now 2018 and living here has left me drained, bitter broken (broke) and exhausted.I am planning to move away or as I say, escape the cesspool. It is not a city as much as it is a cesspool.1. Since 2013 I have seen housing prices rise at inhumane and cruel rates. There are actual tent cities, like ones seen during the Great Depression, with homeless encampments everywhere. You will see encampments all over the city. Lower and middle incomers live on the edge of homelessness everyday. The state of the affordable housing is also shameful and dangerous. I had toxic mold in my apt and a massive leak in another apt I rented which also had mold hiding behind the walls. This all happened in the span of 4 yrs. Slumlords run rampant here. If you can actually afford an $800k shack, I urge you to get a proper professional mold test before you buy a house here and also if you plan to rent. 2. The culture of this place is rudeness, unfriendliness, passive aggressiveness and entitled attitudes. The powers that be also love deciding whatbis best for you, a free citizen. The people here will never be straight-up honest with you. Queue passive aggression and disingenuousness. People who move here, us transplants, are frozen out by the ‘Seattle Freeze’. I don’t get it. People never ever make any kind of eye contact either, it’s creepy af. Again, I don’t get it and I’m actually glad that I don’t bc I never want to be/act like these inabitants. The people here are cold and sad. It seems like they care more about their dogs than actual people. 3. though they have lots of trees here, the air quality here is terrible year round. Especially in the summer, the only time it doesnt rain. 4. I prepared myself for the weather when I moved here and if it was the only flaw of Seattle, could deal with it, but it’s on a long list of difficult things to deal with here. It rains 9/10 months a year with only 152 days of sun a year. Sometimes you will see a rainbow though, which again, doesn’t make up for the hell one will go through living here.5. Traffic has gotten exponentially worse since I arrived in 2013. And it will continue as 1000 people a week make the mistake of moving here.6. Seattle never plans anything properly. I don’t get this either but the Monorail is a classic example of their ‘meh’ attitude on doing anything properly. They do everything half as*ed here. You’ll see, but I hope not bc it’s infuriating. The extension of the transit system is about 60yrs too late. I read the reason Seattle turned down $ from the Federal Grant system for transit in the 60’s was because they didn’t want to encourage people to move here. WOW.7. Every tourist site you should see here (like Rainier) can be done in about a week so don’t move here if you plan on having loads of activities to do because it is raining most of the year and it’s not fun in the rain. Every time I try to venture out, putting a brave face on to deal with the cold people here, I am disappointed with the event because it is too hyped up and lack luster. Especially the music scene. 8. If you are single, you will be struggling to find genuine people, like I did. Also, you will find it is ridiculously hard to meet good friends here. I have never had this hard of a time anywhere else I’ve lived and I’ve lived in 4 different US states.After 4.5 years, I am planning my escape from this soul sucking place called Seattle. I hope my review helps someone else not make the same mistake I did by moving here. Seattle is an awful place.
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Preparing to move from Los Angeles area to the Seattle area My wife and I are at the beginning of long term plans (about 1½ years) to move to Seattle. We are hoping to move to one of the surrounding suburbs such as Kent or Covington to save a little more on rent but I'm concerned about the safety of the area we move into. Can any readers give me an idea of some cities, areas & neighborhoods you would warn …
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Source: The Seattle, WA data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).