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Relocating to CA from IL Hi all,I am a single parent currently residing in a very nice area of IL with an awesome school system. I know this form is strictly regarding San Francisco however I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on the nice areas that are safe and affordable that are located in any of these locations. San Francisco, San Diego, Sunnyvale, Irvine, San Jose, Santa Monica, Santa Barbra, Palm Springs, Anahiem, Montery, Malibu, Pasadena, Fresno, Palo Alto, San Luis, BakersField, Riverside-San Bernardino, Laguna Beach, Santa Clara, Santa Ana, Santa Rosa, Temecula.Tentatively, if any of these cities are not safe please feel free to say take that one off the list lol. Any advice anyone can give will be greatly appreciated. Being a single mom I just want to make sure that I am moving my children to a safe area with a good school system. Thanks in advance!Miranda Answer question
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Hi, If you are looking to relocate to San Francisco and nearby areas like Palo Alto, Redwood City, Sunnyvale etc. So, these places are really safe and amazing to live along with all the facilities. Feel free to relocate over there and you need good movers, who can help you to relocate.
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In San Francisco If you have children schools are horrible here unless you can get into a catholic one or another private school. A two bedroom apartment is in the 4 to 5500 price to rent. Everything here is way above normal price wise. a simple metered parking ticket is over 90 bucks. laws??? unless it is violent the police are told to ignore it, that includes breaking into cars anywhere. Drugs are every where, even in grade schools. Unless you must move to California go on You Tube and see why over 100000 people are leaving every year, mostly middle and upper middle class families are moving out. California has the second lowest credit rating in the Union. only behind Mississippi. It is a state of the very rich and poor, middle class is leaving because of all the taxes, everything is taxed, even cow farts. California has 14% of the US population yet need almost 40% of the countries welfare dollar. Choose Arizona, Utah or even Nevada instead.
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Personally, I would take Fresno and Bakersfield off the list immediately. Aside from being close to Yosemite and some lakes, I would not have either in my top 10, or 100 for that matter. You may check crime rates on your own. Many of the other cities listed are highly desirable cities in California which equates to an extraordinarily high cost of living. I would take Palo Alto off as well solely because entry level housing starts at about 2 million there and rental prices aren't much better. Other coastal cities that may be challenging are Santa Barbara (no industry aside from tourism and education), Santa Monica and Malibu (high cost of living and not sure about schools), Pasadena (maybe but cost of living is still very high), Monterey (could be an option if you work in tourism industry but cost of living is high and schools are terrible), Carmel/Pacific Grove (could be option if work in tourism as are resort towns, schools are good, but cost of living is still high). Laguna Beach is likely going to be too high as well and I'm not sure about schools. Areas you may have better luck with:-San Diego-San Jose-Walnut Creek-Irvine-Palm Springs (not really sure about Palm Springs)-Anahiem (cost of living is lower but not sure about schools)-San Luis Obisbo (geographically isolated but if you work in education there may be job opps, cute college town)-Riverside-San Bernardino (not sure)-Temecula-Escondido-Dana Point-Laguna Niguel (still pricey but less so than Laguna Beach)-Santa Rosa (about an hour north of SF)
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Hi there,I'm not sure if you have received feedback on the locations of interest in California, but I'm guessing you will be in for a bit of a sticker shock if you move from Illinois to anywhere in coastal California. As a single parent on one income, it would be very difficult to afford living here. If you're looking to buy in any of these areas entry level housing is usually around 1 million+, in our building in San Francisco one bedroom apartments start at $3,300. per month for the smallest unit. In San Diego you can probably find less expensive housing east of the beaches and downtown (Mission Valley, Fashion Valley, Off the 15) In the bay area, housing prices go down the further east you go. With that said, if you can afford it, the area is a great place to live and there is a lot to do here from beaches to mountains to parks, cultural events, museums, etc. You may want to look at the Walnut Creek area. Prices are a little lower, there are some good schools, and you still have access to BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) which will connect you with San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, etc). Also, consider commute times when looking for jobs and housing. If you have a child at home, you probably don't want to be spending one hour+ on the freeways or trains. Food for thought. Where there's a will there's a way so good luck to you!
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