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Relocating to CA from IL Hi all,I am a single parent currently residing in a very nice area of IL with an awesome school system. I know this form is strictly regarding San Francisco however I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on the nice areas that are safe and affordable that are located in any of these locations. San Francisco, San Diego, Sunnyvale, Irvine, San Jose, Santa Monica, Santa Barbra, Palm Springs, Anahiem, Montery, Malibu, Pasadena, Fresno, Palo Alto, San Luis, BakersField, Riverside-San Bernardino, Laguna Beach, Santa Clara, Santa Ana, Santa Rosa, Temecula.Tentatively, if any of these cities are not safe please feel free to say take that one off the list lol. Any advice anyone can give will be greatly appreciated. Being a single mom I just want to make sure that I am moving my children to a safe area with a good school system. Thanks in advance!Miranda Answer question
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MirandaPosted on May 26, 2017
Moving to San Fran?? Hi there, i'm trying to fidn otu more detailed info on moving to san fran area. can anyone give me info so i can see if this is best for my family. just gettign out of the military and looking for an new start. thanks, sarah Answer question
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alexbPosted on Apr 22, 2012
San Francisco Neighborhoods I am trying to move to San Francisco and can not determine what are the nicest areas to live in? I am transferring to a Wells Fargo Bank and would like to pick a location near whatever neighborhood I'm going to live in, I would preferably like to live somewhere with a bay view and not in any ghetto areas. Answer question
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jacqueline84Posted on Jul 24, 2011
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